Violent Extremists Attack Federal Courthouse In Portland

Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon, Thursday night, as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows, in an attack at a federal courthouse.

Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon, Thursday night, as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows, in an attack at a federal courthouse. 

“Dozens of demonstrators assembled near the courthouse Thursday night, and some of them broke glass at the federal building and lit fires,” reported.

Federal officers responded by “deploying impact munitions, tear gas, flash-bang grenades and smoke bombs,” they added.

Accounts indicate protesters were repeatedly warned that they were trespassing on federal property.

Fox News notes that Portland “has seen almost daily and nightly protests for much of the past year.”

This particular attack on the courthouse, according to videos and journalists on the scene, was a result of protests over a pipeline, as well as the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

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Attack On Federal Courthouse In Portland Is NOT An Insurrection

A couple of things to note here.

Nowhere in the mainstream media is the ongoing assault on a federal courthouse in Portland being described as an “insurrection.”

Merriam-Webster defines ‘insurrection’ as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.”

But that only applies to one side of the political aisle according to the media.

Well, the media and your new Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley asked Garland during his confirmation hearing if “assaults on federal property” constituted domestic terrorism like that which was seen at the Capitol.

As the Washington Post writes, Garland responded that the Capitol riot in January is domestic terrorism, “while attacking a courthouse at night (as occurred in Portland) is not.”

Violent insurrectionists apparently don’t come out after dark.

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Leftists Have Allowed This Terrorism To Continue

Do you know what else you’re not hearing from the media? Federal law enforcement being disparaged as President Biden’s “stormtroopers.”

It was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who referred to federal officers in Portland as “stormtroopers” and accused them of “kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti.”

That was in July when Donald Trump was still President, though.

This past September, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler banned police from using tear gas against rioters in his own city.

Wheeler himself got hit with tear gas over the summer when he joined protesters in the streets and called for federal police officers to leave his city as rioters attacked a federal courthouse with explosives.

His words and actions contributed to the violence. He helped, by the media’s own definition, incite the riots.

To recap, there is a violent insurrection that has been taking place for months in Portland, being defended by a group of law officers once known as stormtroopers, that is only happening during daylight hours.

And nobody in the media cares.

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