Violence Spikes Over Weekend in Baltimore — What Are Mayor, DA Doing Now?

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A Baltimore police officer who asked to remain anonymous said that the police’s morale is “in the sewers” and that the increase in the city’s crime is “a direct result from officers holding back” in an interview broadcast on Friday’s “AC360″ on CNN.



When you have a police commissioner, mayor, and district attorney that are completely worthless as well as incompetent and anti-police, what can anyone expect? This triad of injustice has demonstrated the worst possible behavior before, during and after the city riots to the point they should all be indicted for dereliction of duty and malfeasance in office.

Baltimore has been under Democratic control for 50 years. Black mayor, black police commissioner, black city officials, half of the police department black. Forty shootings by street thugs just since the riots, in Baltimore. Facts are nasty little things, aren’t they? If anyone is to blame, it’s 50 years of liberal policies and destruction of black families and government dependence.

Twitter also spoke out in defense of the Baltimore police


This outrage from social media didn’t stop there. So many Americans feel the pain of the Baltimore police department. Check out a few more of these tweets:



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