Video: Viral Comedian Alex Stein Trolls ‘Scumbag’ Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger

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Screenshot: Twitter Video, @alexstein99

Fresh off his viral video in which he trolls socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) as his favorite “big booty Latina,” Alex Stein struck again – this time targeting ‘Never Trump’ Republican Adam Kinzinger and letting him know he’s a “scumbag” and “political douchebag.”

If nothing else, you have to admire Stein’s energy level and exuberance.

In the video posted online, Kinzinger can be seen walking up the steps to the Capitol and essentially ignoring the trolling efforts.

That doesn’t deter Stein in any manner.

“Why are you such a traitor, Adam? Why are you such a traitor?” he asks. “You know January 6th wasn’t bad. You’re a scumbag, Adam. You’re the worst. Kinzinger, you’re a douche.”

“Look at Adam Kinzinger the political douchebag,” Stein says, smiling all the while. “Kinzinger, you’re a fake RINO Republican, Kinzinger. Look at this douche Adam Kinzinger, he sucks!”

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Alex Stein Confronts Adam Kinzinger

I’m not sure what Stein’s endgame is other than to produce hilarious video clips and have them go viral on social media. And I don’t normally condone the harassment of public figures. But three things to note here:

  • These videos thus far are all of the lawmakers headed to work, not in public restaurants or outside their homes.
  • It’s hard not to laugh at someone so thoroughly enjoying themselves in their efforts, as Stein clearly does.
  • It’s equally as difficult, based on Kinzinger’s track record, to argue with his accusations.

Kinzinger, aside from being the Democrat Party’s favorite little puppet who hopes one day to become a real boy, has abandoned all morals in a singular attempt to make Trump voters and the rest of his party look bad.

Just in recent months, the Illinois lawmaker has made an absolute buffoon of himself by:

  • Unleashing crocodile tears at the January 6 hearings.
  • Sharing fake quotes in an attempt to shame Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
  • Pretended his anti-Trump work was on par with fighting hijackers on 9/11, then refused an interview with Carlson because he’s too “hostile.”
  • Had to delete a tweet in which he shared an obviously fake meme about the “Ghost of Kyiv.”

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Stein Trolls AOC

Alex Stein, prior to his run-in with Kinzinger, raised many eyebrows with a video in which he harassed AOC and called her his “favorite big-booty Latina.”

Stein, in a similar clip, noted how Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants to “kill babies” but she’s “still beautiful.”

AOC flashed him the peace sign during the clip and stated on social media later that she “was actually walking over to deck him.”

In subsequent postings, AOC complained extensively about the incident, something observers noted was rather hypocritical after she essentially declared it hilarious that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was chased out of a restaurant by left-wing agitators. 

Stein has produced other videos pestering lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Of Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), he called him a RINO. Of Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), Stein inquired as to Hunter Biden’s taste in prostitutes.

Stein also has a penchant for doing parody bits during local town board meetings.

The Political Insider previously covered a hilarious bit in which Stein dressed as a recruiter for the Ukrainian army, encouraging members of the Richardson, Texas city council to put on the colors and join the war effort:

Perhaps the most amusing part of the Kinzinger video is the security officer in the background who, as Alex Stein is shouting, has a look on his face indicating he’s seen the act before and clearly does not find it funny anymore.

Comedy gold, Alex. Comedy gold.

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