Video: Trump Says Putin Constantly Used The ‘N-Word’ – To Describe Nuclear Threats

Trump Says Putin Constantly Used The 'N-Word' To Describe Nuclear Threats

On Monday, former President Donald Trump raised quite a few eyebrows for his description of talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney of talks with Putin that “I listen to him constantly using the n-word. That’s the n-word.”

While many viewers would undoubtedly think of “the n-word” as the racially charged slur, Trump clarified, saying, “and he’s constantly using it, the nuclear word.”

Trump made his comments during an interview on Fox Business.

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Trump On Nuclear Deterrence

After the strange description from Trump, he got down to brass tacks on how he would deter Putin.

“We say, ‘Oh, he’s a nuclear power,’ but we’re a greater nuclear power,” Trump continued. “We have the greatest submarines in the world, the most powerful machines ever built and they got built under me. The most powerful machines ever built and nobody knows where they are.”

Trump then said what he thinks Biden should do about the situation.

“He should say, ‘If you mention that word one more time, we’re gonna send over and we’ll be coasting back and forth, up and down your coast,” Trump said.

The 45th President has maintained that Russia would not have dared to invade Ukraine if he were still President. 

In an interview shortly after the war began, Trump told Clay Travis and Buck Sexton:

“I knew that he always wanted Ukraine,” Trump said in his interview. “I used to talk to him about it.”

On Russia invading Ukraine, Trump said he told Putin, “I said, ‘You can’t do it. You’re not gonna do it.”

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Trump at CPAC: ‘Putin is playing Biden like a drum’

Trump also said during that interview, “The problem is that our leaders are dumb…and so far, allowed [Putin] to get away with this travesty and assault on humanity.”

Trump said at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, “Putin is playing [President Joe] Biden like a drum and it’s not a pretty thing to watch.”

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