Video: Steyn Rips American Media For “Self-Censorship”

The American media response to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks has been nothing short of startling. News organizations aren’t acting like they operate in a land based on freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or freedom of the press.

The Daily News censored one of the cartoons of Mohammed that allegedly provoked the deadly attacks:

In another image from the Daily News, their censorship revealed an unsurprising bias.

It isn’t simply the Daily News that has offended when it comes to censorship.

BuzzFeed has reported that the Associated Press and CNN are both censoring the cartoon. As has NBC News and the New York Times.

In response, Mark Steyn appeared on The Kelly File to excoriate western media, saying they need to “man up” before they “retreat even further into self-censorship.”

Steyn wasn’t finished there, however. Watch below …

Via the Daily Caller:

Free speech proponent Mark Steyn scolded Western media on “The Kelly File” for being all bark and no bite in support of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo following a brutal terrorist attack Wednesday that left 12 dead.

Steyn told Megyn Kelly the Western media needs to “man up” and not “retreat even further into self-censorship” in the aftermath of the massacre in Paris. The Canadian columnist also laid blame at the feet of the media for the killings, saying Charlie Hebdo was “forced to bear a burden” that other, more prominent outlets should have shared.

Steyn had some choice words for the New York Daily News after they blurred out the Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Muhammad. Steyn called the Daily News’ decision “absolutely disgraceful,” adding that the decision ”dishonors the dead” by not showing the cartoons properly. Steyn also told Kelly that the Daily News make Muhammad seem as though he “entered the Witness Protection program.”

Is Steyn right? Has the media dishonored the dead by not publishing the images – or worse – censoring the photos they do post? Is their past skittishness in dealing with Islam at least partially responsible for what happened at Charlie Hebdo?


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