Video: People In Washington, D.C. Asked If They Respect The American Flag – Results Are Depressing

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America is a nation divided perhaps like no other time since the Civil War. A vast array of entities are dividing Americans along race, gender, class, religious, political, and a host of other lines.

You would think that there might be one thing that, even with all of our disagreements, we would agree on – something that would bring us together and unite us as Americans. 

You might think that one thing would be the American flag.

You would be wrong, as a recent “Man on the Street” video from the Daily Caller proves.

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Asking The Man (or Woman) On The Street

The Daily Caller recently took to the streets of Washington D.C. to get a feel of just exactly how the average D.C. resident feels about the flag that represents our country. The answers, and who they came from, might be a bit surprising.

Or maybe not.

Madison Monroe Adams hit the District to ask people if they would fly the American flag at their home.

First up, two twenty-something young white women. The first woman said no. She explained: “The last four years of the previous administration had transitioned us from patriotism to, dare I say, nationalism.” But does she even know what “nationalism” means?

Not the CNN/MSNBC definition, the real definition. The actual definition states that nationalism is, “identification with one’s own nation and support of its interests.” Does she not want what is best for America?

That is a whole other man-on-the-street interview.

Another young white woman put the pieces of the puzzle together without really knowing what she was doing. She noticed that wherever you see an American flag, you see a Trump sign. Alas, according to her, the flag and the national anthem and “what they’re based off of” are “super racist.”

Think she works for the government? 

While that is still floating around in your head, next up was a fifty-something black man. He was asked what the flag means to him. His answer: “As black Americans we are part of this country, we’ve made a great contribution. I’m a proud black American. Black is America.”

Another twenty-something young lady, this time black, said the flag means “unity and also freedom.” She also said she likes freedom of speech. She added that being an American, she has the freedom to do what she wants. 

Another older black man, someone with a slight Jamaican accent, said it means that you have liberty. He also mentioned the rights Americans have as stated in the Constitution.

So, starting to see a very interesting pattern here?


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An Interesting Pattern Emerges

It almost jumps out and tackles you to the ground. Young white millennial after young white millennial said the flag represented division, racism, and the mysterious nationalism.

With the exception of the guy who just thought America should take a load off and smoke a blunt, the two people interviewed who didn’t have a negative image of the American flag were black.

They felt as black Americans that they are represented by the flag. What might have made this even more interesting would have been a debate between the white people who seemed ashamed of the flag, and the black people who were proud of it.

Malcolm X once said something to the effect that the worst enemy of black people was white liberals trying to “help” them.

Could he have been right? It might also be a good time to point out that the symbol of freedom and liberty chosen by those marching and risking their lives for it currently in Cuba, is the American flag.

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Uber Liberal Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a one-party town, the party of liberals. Looking at election results from 2016 and 2020 bear that out.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran away with 90.9% of votes. Donald Trump received 4.1%.

In 2020, Democrats did even better. Joe Biden cleared 92.1% of D.C. votes. 

So feelings about the American flag may well be par for the course in a place as liberal as Washington D.C. 

So we have to wonder, how would this same question fare in the rest of the country? You know, what those in D.C. might refer to as “fly-over” country. Where the smelly people who shop at Wal-Mart, and have no clue how to photocopy their voting ID, live.

It seems odd that people who live in the heart of our nation’s capital would be so nonchalant about respecting the American flag. Maybe a field trip to a strange and unnatural place called the Midwest might be in order. 


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