Campaigning as his wife’s “secret weapon,” former President Bill Clinton’s speech in Iowa regarding the financial crisis was so droning and offensive that it caused one rally-goer to burst into tears.

To be fair, the emotional audience member was just speaking on behalf of everybody else who has to sit through a monotonous Clinton speech.

The Washington Free Beacon’s report on the incident is simply hilarious:

A baby was heard crying during Bill Clinton’s stump speech for his wife Hillary Clinton Sunday in Iowa City.

“There’s always somebody trying to take advantage,” Clinton said, as the baby wept in the background. “There have always been greedy people who got rich doing things they shouldn’t do. That’s what we’ve got a government for.”

It is unclear if the baby, who is too young to vote, was an actual supporter of Clinton’s. Her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), has been trouncing her among younger voters in the polls, and thus it is more likely the infant would be more inclined to support him.

The baby was not available for comment.

The baby gave all the commentary necessary during the speech.

Watch Bill Clinton make innocent babies cry in his relentless war against children below …

No word on the rumor that the crying didn’t come from a baby at all, and that it was simply Mrs. Clinton responding to more polling numbers about her honesty.

Comment: Does this baby speak for you? Do Clinton speeches sometimes make you want to burst into tears? Give us your take on this funny campaign moment.