Veteran Rips AOC Apart After She Claims It’s ‘Impossible’ For A Person To Pull Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps

Cortez quickly gets defensive on Twitter...

AOC Veteran

By PoliZette Staff | February 7, 2020

A veteran of the United States Army who is now a conservative political analyst is firing back at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY.) after she took what he described as a “veiled swipe” at the testimony that he gave before Congress on Wednesday. During the “swipe,” Ocasio-Cortez lectured that it was “impossible” for anyone to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, something he says is blatantly untrue.

Iraq War veteran Rob Smith testified before Congress two days ago in a hearing called “A Threat to America’s Children: The Trump Administration’s Proposed Changes to the Poverty Line Calculation.”

While testifying, Smith told his own powerful backstory about how he rose above poverty all by himself, explaining that “more government” is not the answer to helping people do this, according to The Blaze.

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Much to the dismay of liberals like Ocasio-Cortez, who loves nothing more than bashing America, Smith credited growing up in the United States with his success in life. He also praised the policies of Donald Trump, which undoubtedly triggered Ocasio-Cortez even more.

As the hearing was ended, Ocasio-Cortez referred to Smith’s testimony when she said, “You know this idea of a bootstrap and this metaphor of a bootstrap started off as a joke? Because it’s a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap, by your shoelaces.”

“It’s physically impossible,” she continued. “The whole thing is a joke.”

Smith fired back on Twitter, sharing a video of Ocasio-Cortez’s caption along with the comment, “This is @AOC veiled swipe at my testimony of being a poor kid who lifted myself up via the Army, hard work, and the blessing of being born in the USA. They only want to hear from black victims, not victors.”

Smith’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering almost 10,000 likes. Upon seeing his tweet, Ocasio-Cortez took to her own Twitter to double down on her comments, and make the situation all about her.

“I worked my butt off to get elected against all odds, without any special connections or money. I worked double shifts and wore through my shoes, outspent 10:1 to get elected,” she wrote. “Even w/ all that hard work, it would be narcissistic to pretend I ‘bootstrapped’ it alone & w/o others.”

Smith could not have been more right. Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez want to make minorities feel like victims who have no choice but to depend on the government for survival. That’s why a black man like Smith crediting his success to his own hard work and to being born in a great country such as America is effectively Ocasio-Cortez’s worst nightmare.

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We as a nation need to be empowering all Americans, including minorities, not putting them down and victimizing them. Ocasio-Cortez also has no business disrespecting a veteran who put his life on the line to protect her freedoms.

Shame on you, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shame on you.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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