Venezuela Orders News Outlet To Quit Broadcasting As Uprising Sweeps Country, Station Says

Tim Pearce on April 30, 2019

The government of Venezuela shut down at least one media outlet amid an armed uprising led by National Assembly President Juan Guaido, a station said.

Radio Caracas Radio, a local station located in Venezuela’s capital, tweeted Tuesday morning that federal regulators with CONATEL ordered the station to quit broadcasting. CONATEL is Venezuela’s telecommunications commission.

Guaido called for a military uprising Tuesday morning to overthrow Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Guaido made the call to launch “Operation Liberty” in a video while flanked by soldiers in La Carlota air base.

Videos have surfaced online of firefights appearing to break out between Venezuelan military forces. The military is split between Guaido and Maduro, but it is unclear how many military leaders each leader has on his side.

As military violence escalates, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Caracas to either show support for Maduro or call for Maduro to step down.

Maduro has denounced Guaido’s uprising as a coup and said military leaders are loyal to the regime.

“I have spoken with the commanders of all the REDIs and ZODI of the country, who have expressed their total loyalty to the people, to the Constitution and to the fatherland. I call for maximum popular mobilization to ensure the victory of peace. We Will win!” Maduro tweeted Tuesday morning.

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