Before you step out into the hectic world, make sure to grab your favorite pair of earbuds. No matter what happens out there, you’ll always have your favorite tunes and podcasts to enjoy. Don’t worry if your old earbuds are falling apart because right now is the perfect time to upgrade. For a limited time, The Political Insider readers can get the Airbuds 3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones & Multi-Charging Bundle at 75% off the original price!

If you’re searching for comfort, the Airbuds 3 are hard to beat. These lightweight buds are designed with an ergonomic fit and conform perfectly to the contours of your ear. There’s also no annoying wires that rub against your face and neck, which makes them perfect for exercising.

Bluetooth Earbuds

With the essential feature of auto-pairing to any Bluetooth-enabled devices, the Airbuds 3 make streaming your favorite songs effortless. One of the best features is the charging capabilities on these buds. Included with the Airbuds 3 are a USB wall charger, Qi wireless charging pad, and wireless charging case.

Now is the best time to upgrade and get the Airbuds 3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones & Multi-Charging Bundle. At 75% off, these earbuds are yours for just $49.99!


Bluetooth Earphones
Airbuds 3 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones & Multi-Charging Bundle – $49.99

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