‘Unplanned’ Star Slams Celebrity Boycott – Just a Couple of Loud Voices

Ashley Bratcher, star of the pro-life movie ‘Unplanned,’ took a jab at celebrities threatening to boycott Georgia over their new heartbeat bill, which would protect unborn babies from abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

The legislation would prohibit most abortions in the state after a heartbeat is detected, a possibility as early as six weeks.

A group of actors and actresses have led efforts to boycott the state in response, led by actress turned anti-life abortion activist, Alyssa Milano.

Milano went so far as to have women celebrate their abortions by sharing stories on her podcast.

“We are going to do everything in our power to move our industry to a safer state for women if HB 481 becomes law,” threatened Milano.

Milano joined 30 other Georgia-based TV and film workers in urging Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to veto the abortion ban, warning the industry would boycott the state if need be.

A Couple of Loud Voices

Bratcher dismissed the threat as noise.

“I think that is just a couple of loud voices,” she said during an interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream.

“Alyssa Milano has been very vocal about where she stands on women’s reproductive rights,” Bratcher added, noting that she “reach[ed] out to her” to speak with her “mother to mother, actress to actress.”

Bratcher then slammed the abortion industry, explaining that ‘Unplanned’ is doing an effective job of exposing Planned Parenthood.

“What our film does is, it exposes the lies that Planned Parenthood is perpetuating,” she stated.

Can’t Bury ‘Unplanned’

Despite numerous attempts by liberals in Hollywood and tech giants to bury the film, ‘Unplanned’ opened to significantly positive box office numbers.

Major networks refused to run advertising for the film while Google labeled it “propaganda.”

Because, to the left, a movie with a message celebrating life and denouncing abortion out of convenience is somehow controversial.

Meg Meeker, a medical doctor, writes that it is “your obligation as a human” to see the film, “particularly if you say you are pro-life.”

“Women do not seek abortions because they feel strong or empowered, they seek them because they are scared,” Bratcher wrote in an open letter to Deadline. “They seek abortions because society and the new-age feminist movement perpetuates the lie that women cannot be successful and be mothers.”

She then asked Milano and her Hollywood cronies about the hypocrisy of ignoring women’s rights when it comes to unborn females.

“If feminism is all about equal rights, then where are her rights?”

That’s something celebrity hypocrites will never adequately explain.

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