Understand This: So-Called ‘Journalists’ Love Censorship More Than Anything Else in the World

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Americans, particularly older Americans, have some very funny notions. 

About their country, about economics, about war and peace, and many other topics. They also have some funny notions about journalists. 

If the Twitter Files haven’t broken the false notion that anyone in power gives one wit about truth or freedom, perhaps the experience of Caitlin Johnstone will help. 

One notion all Americans need to toss on the ash heap of history is that the journalism profession, and the people who populate it, is dedicated to reporting the news. 

Perhaps nothing has been so devastating to this country as that abominable lie. 


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Where News Goes To Die

Without getting into the absolute necessity of following the Twitter Files, even if you aren’t “on Twitter” or think it’s dumb, the popular idea that Americans have of some sort of Fourth Estate carefully watching out for them has been an abject falsehood for many, many decades. 

But to see a perfect example of how silly it is, let’s take a look at the case of the aforementioned Caitlin Johnstone

Make no mistake: she is a hard-left socialist. Her and I probably agree on precious little. But I follow her because she’s excellent on foreign affairs. 

Being excellent on foreign affairs, however, is the biggest no-no of them all. (Just ask Donald Trump.)

Enter Mastodon – the try-hard “alternative” to Twitter for “journalists” who are just too darn upset that that meany face Elon Musk made even nominal adjustments in the direction of free speech. 

After Musk took on the role of Chief Twit, announcements about moving to Mastodon were numerous. Here’s just one example:

So this place must be great, right? A bunch of journalists who are very seriously dedicated to their craft, which is informing the American people about the doings of Power.


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Johnstone, who sheds light on the true nature of the Ukrainian kleptocracy and NATO’s role in precipitating the current crisis in Eastern Europe, is not welcome among these Very Serious Journalists. 

To wit:

Take a look at some of these posts that were removed from Mastodon. (By whom? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure, and frankly it doesn’t matter.)

One is an article about how U.S. interests are advanced by prolonging the war. One is an off-hand theoretical question. One is a video criticizing NATO. 

All removed for what one can only assume is Thought Crime and Incorrect Opinions, based on the excuse given in the notice to Johnstone: “No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies” and “Do not share intentionally false or misleading information”.

Regardless of where you stand on the war, war is, well, violent. Opposition to violence is, well, not violent. So we can dispense with Baloney Excuse 1. 

As for “intentionally false or misleading information,” who’s to say? 

Now, most sensible people, even if they vigorously disagree with someone else’s opinion, don’t demand that those views be silenced. Journalists, on the other hand, do.

As a thought experiment: Find any journalist on Twitter and run an advanced search for what they’ve said about Elon Musk. 

It’s all variations on a theme, but that theme boils down to one thing: These rubes and plebs can’t be allowed to say whatever they want. For Science’s sakes, some of them have different opinions than me! ME! 

And, ipso facto, so it goes for the “journalist’s alternative” to free speech Twitter.

Now, to be clear, I have nothing against Mastodon. I’ve never even looked at it. And I’m fully aware some reading this may vehemently disagree with Johnstone’s views on Ukraine. But that’s not the point.

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It’s A National Security Issue

Now, there are many reasons for why journalists behave this way, but that’s for a different piece. The point is, they do behave this way. And it is very, very dangerous for our national security. 

Remember WMD in Iraq? Remember “Russian missiles land in Poland”? Hell, remember just about anything that has been claimed about the current war? 

There I go again. The point is this: the fact of the matter is, the only way to even keep track of Power, let alone hold it accountable, is to have a legion of scribes who are dedicated to that. 

We don’t have that. We have the literal exact opposite, and it matters

Oh, you don’t watch MSNBC? Guess what: Millions of voters do. 

You don’t read the Washington Post? Lots of people do – and they go out and vote based on the things they read there. 

Even if you don’t know anyone who watches CNN or reads the New York Times, you know someone who hears third-hand narratives from them. 

Just think of how often you hear something from someone you know that is complete and total malarkey.

Now, more importantly, think of all the times you told someone you know a factual statement that they had never heard before… like Hunter Biden’s Laptop. 

How many people know there were over 300,000 illegal border crossings just last month? Almost none, since Americans wildly underestimate illegal immigration

Why? Because that information is only found on alternative or conservative media sites. The mainstream press is busy running errands for Joe Biden.

To paraphrase and bastardize Lead Belly, believing journalists want you to have accurate information is sometimes a great notion. 

It’s wrong, and needs to be dispensed with as a fundamental understanding of living in these times. 

What I mean by that is, people need to fully internalize this fundamental understanding. Put aside the “Well, not all journalists…” and other excuses. You’re just setting yourself up to get played. 

Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.
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