Media, Democrats Now Comparing Boring Speaker’s Race to Capitol Riot, January 6

media speakers race jan 6
Screenshot: MSNBC Youtube

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

It was probably inevitable, given the pathetic state of both the press and the politicians in this country. Your humble author takes pride in never being surprised by the utter moral and ethical corruption of the monsters who hold power in this country, and yet, they always find a way. 

I woke up this morning to discover that the election for House Speaker is comparable to an unprecedented, deadly riot at the Capitol. 

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Boring Democratic Process + Republicans = ‘Insurrection’

Let’s be nice and sparkling clear: There is nothing “chaotic” about the Speaker’s race. For all the times the media and Democrats have beat us over the head with “democracy” and “threats to democracy” and “assaults on democracy,” you’d think regular, boring democracy would be cheered. 

Regular, boring democracy like the majority party in the United States House of Representatives choosing the Speaker of the House, for example.

Now, obviously Democrats and the media are doing their level best to hype up the Speaker’s race. But it must not have been working, hence elevating a normal process to the level of “insurrection,” as they describe the Capitol riot. 

In the Axios piece above, we find these gems: 

Democrat Rep. Sara Jacobs (who?) saying, “I’ve been thanking my lucky stars all week that Republicans weren’t in charge two years ago.” 

Why would that be? Were Democrats an exemplary model of protecting the Capitol two years ago? If so, what’s all the hyperventilating over January 6 about? 

Axios quotes Democrat Rep. Susan Wild (who?) as saying: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy cowered “into submission to the extreme fringe” after Jan. 6, “and today, his conference can’t even come together to perform a threshold action.”

To be honest, I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean, it’s so ham-fisted. 

Democrat Rep. Jason Crow (who?) says: “It was the government shutdown in ’19, the insurrection of ’21, and now the current chaos of ’23. The common denominator … is having a handful of Republicans in the House of Representatives who have no interest in governing.”

How many Americans even remember the “government shutdown” of 2019? Hardly any, because the most notable thing about “government shutdowns” (The government doesn’t actually shut down) is that people notice less flagrant corruption and chicanery coming from Washington. 

And again, what “chaos” is there in the Speaker’s race? That’s how deliberative bodies actually work. They aren’t supposed to be rubber stamps for a handful of “leaders.” If they don’t want any debate, then they can simply downsize Congress to 10 members and avoid all that messy debate and deliberation. 

All that icky democracy guff.

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But Muh Mutiny!

Of course, it wasn’t just Democrats. Painfully try-hard headlines like the one above – Biden Gets a Political Gift on Jan. 6 Anniversary With GOP’s Capitol Mutiny – are probably (definitely) going to appear all day. 

“Mutiny” is a very interesting way to describe the process of selecting a Speaker. 

Aren’t leaders supposed to be chosen? I could be wrong, but I’m certain “democracy” entails a group of people collectively making decisions. I’m also pretty sure, according to the popular descriptions, that democracy entails power being held by those at the lower rungs of the ladder – not those at the top.

What’s the alternative? Well, top-down oligarchy. That appears to be what the media wants. After all, it’s how their party – the Democrats – operate. With coronations and orders from the top. 

That is obviously not democracy by any known definition. 

That article above opens up with this gem: “The second anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol arrives with the building again in turmoil…”

At the risk of beating a dead horse, there is no “turmoil.” 

And, dear reader, you may read this and say, “Well obviously, Doc, the media is liberal. What else is new?” 

Believe you me, I say that to myself anywhere between 200 and 4,000 times per day. But it matters that the press is so outrageously corrupt. 

Conservatives, libertarians, moderates, and right-leaning centrists seem to have a blind spot on this issue. 

Here’s just one example, from an actual conversation this morning. It’s a thought experiment. (Though, you could actually carry out this experiment on your own.)

Ask the first 10 people you see how many people were killed and by whom on January 6, 2021. 

I’d be willing to bet the farm that, unless you happened to come across a conservative who is dedicated to reading independent media (like The Political Insider!), you will be told by these random Americans that a mob killed several police officers that day. 

That is patently false

And yet, because “President” Biden, Democrats, and media outlets keep repeating a blatant falsehood, Americans believe it. They act and vote accordingly. 

It matters. 

But, at least so far this morning, Democrats and the media are playing second fiddle to America Last neocon Republican Dan Crenshaw, who accused Republicans who haven’t fallen in line behind corrupt lobbyist stooge Kevin McCarthy of “terrorism.” 

So there’s that!

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