Conservative Millennial commentator Tomi Lahren is known for her hard-hitting, powerful critiques of liberals, leaving them in a cloud of dust on a daily basis. TheBlaze host provides her audience with her “Final Thoughts,” where she tackles the most controversial subjects of the day, and she does NOT cave into liberal, PC nonsense.

Now, in her most recent monologue, Lahren takes on the radical left-wing rioters that took over UC-Berkeley after a conservative group invited Milo Yiannapolous to speak on campus. As The Political Insider documented, liberal rioters vandalized private property, set fires, and physically assaulted individuals simply because a conservative who they disagreed with was scheduled to appear on their campus.

Tomi Lahren took notice, and blasted these left-wing rioters, calling them a “militant herd of triggered crybabies” who caused such chaos that the Milo event had to be cancelled completely.

Once you watch this video, you’ll see why she’s quickly becoming one of the most popular conservative hosts in America. Check out her full comments:

I Stand with Milo

The Left claims you can be anything you want to long as you agree with them and keep quiet. If not, they burn down their own campus. #UCBERKELEYRIOTS

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lahren also took to Twitter to criticize the violence:

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media has done its best to cover up for the violent liberal rioters, choosing to call them “protesters” while conveniently omitting the word “riot” from their coverage. Thankfully, conservatives like Tomi Lahren refuse to sit idly by and allow liberals to destroy this country and try and shut down conservative free speech!

We need way more young conservatives like her to expose the truth about liberals and the socialist garbage too many young Americans are taught in public schools and on campus!

Do you agree with Lahren’s comments about the UC-Berkeley rioters? Are they a “militant herd of triggered crybabies?” Share your thoughts below! 

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