U.S. Air Force Changes Service Anthem To Reflect ‘Gender Diversity’

Cue the joke machines of the other services.

U.S. Air Force

Yeah, I know.

As an Army vet, and living in a town like Annapolis where you can’t walk too far without seeing a Marine or a sailor, the interservice rivalry between the Air Force and the rest of us just reached new potentials of low comedy.

The newly castrated lyrics of their service song “Wild Blue Yonder” will stand with the designation of the air service as the “chair force,” the “air farce,” and their individual monikers of “zoomie” as a term of family mockery by other U.S. military branches. But, limited to those other branches. Any civilian who would attempt such an even minor slur would find themselves readily challenged by any man or woman wearing an American uniform.

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But, back to the PC Force.

They have changed their service anthem to comply with modern norms that prize victimization as the greatest of nobilities. Thus, male references are out and gender-neutral (like Air Force personnel themselves…sorry) language is the order of the day.

The flyboy (oh, a thousand pardons…flyperson) in charge put it this way: “Our song must reflect our history, the inspiring service and accomplishments of all who’ve served, and the rich diversity that makes today’s Air Force indisputably the strongest and most capable in the world,” USAF Chief of Staff David Goldfein wrote in a message to airmen, cadets, and academy alumni.

Okay, of course you want to honor women who served and still do. But does that laudable goal have to stomp all over tradition?

Do female USAF personnel hear “at ‘em boys, give ‘er the gun” and break down into tears of hysteria over the psychological wounds done to them by the nasty song?

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Hell no, USAF female personnel are stronger and tougher than that.

But to the person who came up with this, they are just another oppressed class not strong enough to endure the alleged severe pain of the mere words of a song.

Talk about sexism…

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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