Two More Stories About Anti-Trump Protesters Attacking People

trump supporters attacked

The crazy train didn’t stop at the Women’s March in D.C. this past weekend. As you know, liberalism is a mental disorder, of which there seems to be no cure.

So as the weekend progressed, anti-Trump lunatics continued pushing their views on other people with intimidation and violence.

Here’s a few stories you might have missed …

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Assaulted at Hotel

Luntz was assaulted inside his Washington, D.C. hotel. A protester ran up to him shouting ‘fascist mother f***er’ and then threw red paint in his face.

Via Fox News Insider:

Luntz said that over the weekend, while staying at the Marriott Marquis near Mount Vernon Square, a protester stood less than a foot away from him and threw confetti glitter in his eyes.

“You fascist [expletive expletive],” Luntz said the protester yelled at him.

“Since when do you have the right or ability to attack someone in a private setting?” Luntz asked the hosts rhetorically.

Luntz said he felt this was just the beginning of more violent demonstrations in this country.

“I never thought this was America,” he said.

It isn’t. It’s liberal America.

Hollywood Star Shia LaBeouf Goes Crazy on Trump Supporter

LaBeouf, who has become more and more erratic over the last few years, set up an anti-Trump video stream set to run 24 hours for four years.

The project encourages people to stop by and say “he will not divide us” on a live stream.

Since the project is set up outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, anybody can participate. And a Trump supporter did. Or at least tried to anyway.

LaBeouf was not amused and accosted the man, eventually pushing him aside.

Via Grabien:

For the second time since the event started, LeBeouf encountered a Trump supporter, and quickly flew off the handle.

“He will not divide us!” LaBeouf angrily shouts at the man, his face pressed against the Trump supporter’s. “He will not divide us!” he repeats with increasing hostility.

The man attempts to take the bullying in stride but is eventually knocked to the side.

Eventually a man wearing a “Unity” hat encourages LeBeouf to settle down.

It’s unclear how LeBeouf believes harassing Trump supporters help keep Trump from dividing America.

It may not be clear how harassing people will unite America, but it certainly is clear that liberals have no intention of stopping their assaults any time soon.

Gird yourselves, Trump supporters, it’s going to be a long four years.

Comment: Why do liberals think it’s okay to attack people for their political beliefs? Should everyone in the above stories have been arrested? Share your thoughts below.

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