When a video featuring a group of Catholic high school kids in MAGA hats supposedly staring down a Native-American activist went viral over the weekend, liberals formed an online social-media mob to go after these kids. When longer videos eventually emerged that largely exonerated the students, showing that they were the ones being harassed, many on the left still continued to attack them. At the center of the controversy was Nick Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, who was featured in a viral video, smiling at Native-American activist Nathan Phillips.

As the media continued to promote the leftist narrative that these young kids were the aggressors, liberals went ballistic on Twitter, insulting and even threatening to doxx the teens. As the truth came out, many of these tweets have been deleted.

But there are still plenty out there. This is from a Los Angeles disc jockey:

Disney producer Jack Morrissey wanted to chop the kids up.

A Vulture writer wanted these students to die.

There are thousands of similar tweets, to many to include them all here. But Joe Rogan sums up the left’s hatred well:

These tweets beg the question: How does none of this violate Twitter’s code of conduct standards?

“According to Twitter, however, they can’t seem to find anything wrong with burning children alive or punching kids. After all, they ARE guilty of wrong-think, RedState notes. “One user posted Twitter’s response to him when he reported the DJ for abusing their terms of service, which specifically addresses threatening people or promoting violence against people.”

Apparently Twitter had no problem with that.

Kathy Griffin also threatened these minors:

This is an adult going after children.

What in the hell is wrong with these liberals?

“Once again, Twitter seems to be selective about what it does and doesn’t deem to be a violation of its policies,” RedState observes. “Not so strangely, they all seem to revolve around what side of the ideological spectrum you’re on.”

Indeed. Put some pink feminist hats on these kids and they would be called heroes. But since they’re wearing Trump hats, anything seems to be fair game – including violence.