Tucker: While Most Americans Are Depressed About Country Descending Into Chaos, Our Leaders Feel Nothing

Fox News host Tucker Carlson eloquently captured the mood of our nation as cities continue to descend into chaos while our elected officials do little to help the situation.

While most Americans are saddened by reports coming out about violent riots nearly every night due to the George Floyd murder case, most leaders, according to Carlson, could care less.

“For many of us, this has been one of the saddest and most painful weeks in memory,” he relayed to viewers. “Depressing doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

“We have watched as mobs of violent cretins have burned our cities, defaced our monuments, beaten old women in the streets, shot police officers and stolen everything in sight,” lamented Carlson.

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Lack of Leadership

Why, when the nation needs leadership the most, are we sorely lacking in this area? Perhaps it is the left’s inability to understand two topics simultaneously.

You can be saddened and want to see change over Floyd’s death, and rightfully so.

But you can also call out the criminals and anarchists that are destroying innocent lives in his name. Both things are wrong. Both things hurt people.

Instead, Carlson explains, leaders “are not grieving, they seem exhilarated” over the riots.

“How many innocent Americans have these people hurt?” he asked. “How many have they murdered? We don’t know that number but it’s the country itself that so many worry about at this point.”

Our leaders meanwhile, “feel nothing as our nation descends into anarchy,” he added.

“They see the chaos instead as an opportunity to solidify their control, to increase their market share, to win our elections.”

That is the left in a nutshell. But Carlson hasn’t been directing his ire solely at the left.

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Not Getting Better

If anything, Wednesday’s events show that our country’s lack of leadership is making things worse with each passing day.

In the ‘city that never sleeps,’ one New York City police officer was randomly attacked and stabbed in the neck, while two others suffered gunshot wounds.

This, after an incident on Tuesday in which a police officer was reportedly struck by a vehicle in what appeared to be a deliberate hit-and-run.

“The indiscriminate use of violence by mobs is a threat to every American of all colors and backgrounds and political beliefs,” Carlson explained in a previous monologue.

And your elected officials don’t seem to care.

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