Tucker Carlson Slams Democrats For Politicizing Hurricane Ian: ‘They Think They’re God’

Tucker Carlson slammed Democrat politicians and media members for using the tragedy of Hurricane Ian and natural disasters in general to score cheap political points.
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Democrat politicians and the media for using the tragedy of Hurricane Ian and natural disasters in general to score cheap political points.

Carlson observed that most “decent people step back for a moment” when they watch a terrible situation unfold. 

“It’s a moment that demands reverence and silence to consider what we’ve just seen and then the practical questions.”

But not the political left.

“The one thing you don’t do is immediately jump forward to score some sort of cheap and sleazy political point from it,” Carlson railed. “That used to be obvious. But for the past several years it’s been clear it’s no longer obvious, at least to one political party.”

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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Politicizing Hurricane Ian

Tucker Carlson played several clips of media flacks engaged in their usual shtick of turning hurricanes like Ian into some sort of new phenomenon because of ‘climate change.’

Don Lemon, for example, got rebuked repeatedly by the acting director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hurricane Center on air for trying to interject climate change into the conversation.

The Political Insider reported earlier this week on MSNBC host Joy Reid, who belittled Floridians trying to evacuate, comparing them to illegal immigrants and suggesting it’s “ironic” they have to “pour over the borders” to get out of the state.

It’s difficult to argue hurricanes are getting worse due to climate change when four previous hurricanes that have hit Florida in the past were more powerful than Ian.

In total, 14 Category 4 or 5 hurricanes have made landfall in Florida since 1851 – and that is only in recorded history, barely a blip on the timescale of the planet’s existence.

And you just know Democrats are champing at the bit to blame any death toll on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Because that’s what Democrats are. They’re ghouls who only see money, power, and votes to keep both. And DeSantis represents a threat to their power.

Carlson pointed out that Democrats and the media politicized tragedies such as the wildfires in California and tornadoes in the Midwest.

And now they’re doing it again with Hurricane Ian.

“You did this because you didn’t support giving Joe Biden trillions of dollars to fight climate change,” Carlson said. “So, you caused it.”

He called their antics “unseemly and anti-human.”

“People are dying, so wait just a moment before putting forward your demands for more political power.”

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‘They Think They Are God’

Carlson wasn’t through eviscerating Democrats over their actions in politicizing Hurricane Ian.

“It’s time to stop taking them seriously,” he suggested. “Of course, they’re not compassionate. They don’t care about other people. What they care about is advancing the political power of the party they belong to.”

The Fox News firebrand then played a clip of President Biden saying “God forbid a natural disaster strikes” and people need to get “vaccinated.”

The clip is from 2021 but represents another example of Democrats politicizing natural disasters. And Carlson played off Biden’s comments about God. It’s a masterclass in pointing out just how disturbed some of these people are.

Can we just have a natural disaster that we accept as natural? That’s what they’re called natural disasters, because we didn’t cause them. They’re products of nature. God’s in charge. We’re not we’re not God.

But you really have to think you’re not God in order to admit that, and they think they are God. They think they’re in charge of the weather and that’s why they just can’t give it a break. They just can’t let people die, and their deaths be observed for what they are, which is a tragedy that demands reverence, not posturing, none of their stupid political speech. But they can’t control themselves, ever. 

At the time of publication, there have been 21 unconfirmed deaths in Florida announced by officials. That number is certain to rise over the coming days.

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