Tucker Carlson Predicted Political Violence from ‘Trans People’ Just Days Before Nashville School Shooting

Tucker Carlson suggested the media was encouraging "trans people" to pack heat as a means to promote "political violence," less than one week before a transgender artist slaughtered six people - including three children - at a Nashville elementary school.
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a segment on his show suggesting the media was encouraging “trans people” to pack heat as a means to promote “political violence,” just days before a 28-year-old transgender artist slaughtered six people – including three children – in a shooting at a Nashville elementary school.

Audrey Hale, reportedly a former student at The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school, opened fire early Monday morning and killed three current students, all 9 years of age, along with three adults.

Authorities identified Hale as a transgender woman on Monday afternoon, but Hale listed “He/Him” pronouns on a LinkedIn profile.

“She does identify as transgender,” Nashville police chief John Drake confirmed.

Hale’s attack ended when she was shot dead by police.

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Tucker Carlson Predicted ‘Political Violence’ From ‘Trans People’ Days Before Nashville Shooting

During a segment on his show last week, Tucker Carlson called out the hypocrisy of Democrats and the media for promoting anti-gun messages while simultaneously encouraging the LGBT community to arm themselves due to what he believes are overblown concerns of violence.

Of particular note, Carlson pointed to recent coverage by NPR (National Public Radio) which he suggests covered the community as being so oppressed that the hope is to “scare the heck out of you.”

“And if they encourage you to go get a gun and arm yourself because Nazis are taking over Vermont, you might do it.”

“We’re as for guns as you could possibly be, but this seems like an incitement,” he surmised.

Carlson then waded into the trans community very specifically in his segment, playing clips of an NPR report on Rainbow Reload, an LGBT gun club based in New Hampshire.

“Your anti-trans rhetoric makes the trans community carry guns,” Carlson facetiously stated after the clips had played.

“This is the same NPR that … routinely run segments calling for more gun control,” he said.

“And yet, here’s that same National Public Radio — state radio, state media controlled by the Biden administration — encouraging people to go to the gun store immediately, but not all people, just trans people,” Carlson continued. 

“Guns are bad except in the hands of trans people,” he deduced was the conclusion to draw from their reporting. “Wow.”

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LGBT Outlet Mocked Carlson Over the Segment

Wow is right. There is no evidence that the transgender artist involved in the Nashville shooting was motivated by NPR or the media in general’s constant drumbeat that the LGBT community is oppressed and in danger. But Carlson’s segment seems incredibly prescient.

The Fox News host noted the effort to disarm the law-abiding while simultaneously encouraging “trans people” to lock and load.

“Debate ends at that point when one side has all the firearms. You don’t have to argue,” he suggested. “You say, ‘Well, you can’t change your sex.’ ‘Shut up, bigot. Bang, bang!'”

“The trans community, of course, is a vehicle for something else and it’s always the same thing, which is political power and political power made possible by political violence,” said Carlson. “They want to be able to commit it and they want you defenseless so you can’t fight back.”

The victims of the Nashville elementary school shooting were defenseless, targets in a gun-free zone. They couldn’t fight back.

Remarkably, just three days ago an LGBT advocacy outlet mocked Carlson over the segment and insisted he was “lying.”

“Carlson then mocked NPR for referring to new trans firearm owners as ‘gun-curious,’ implying that some are also likely ‘pedophile-curious.'” wrote Daniel Villareal for LGBTQ Nation on Friday.

“This comment repeats right-wing ‘groomer’ rhetoric that has inspired violence against trans people, drag performers, and LGBTQ-inclusive schools, hospitals, and performance venues,” insisted Villareal.

He asserts that, contrary to Carlson’s claims, there is a “genocide” taking place in the trans community.

“This genocide occurs as Republican legislators try to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth, increasing the likelihood of suicide among trans youth,” he said.

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