Tucker Carlson: Nobody Has The Right To Kill Someone For What They Say



Fox News analyst and the Daily Caller’s own Tucker Carslon explains that jihadis “have already won” the battle against free speech because elites in this country are being intimidated.

Carlson explains that free speech is non-negotiable, regardless of how you may feel about Pamela Geller or the participants in the ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest she organized.

“You have a right to say what you think, period,” Carlson explained.  “And nobody has a right to kill you for saying that.”

He added, “That’s the core value of America.”

Carlson then took a shot at other media members, including perhaps some of his colleagues at Fox News who have gone astray on this issue.

“If you can’t stand up for her right to say what she thinks in public, then you’ve abandoned the whole idea of a liberal society. Liberal in the best sense. And the left has abandoned it. When I was a kid, there were free speech liberals … Where are those people?”

Carlson believes the jihadis have won the fight to quell free speech, agreeing with Geller’s thoughts about a Danish newspaper backing down to radical Islamists in 2005.

“They have already won, because they’ve successfully intimidated many of the elites in this country,” he flatly stated.

Watch the very interesting discussion below …

Do you agree with Carlson — that terrorists are winning by intimidating liberals and media members in this country?

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