Tucker Carlson Admits He Is ‘Scared’ to Cover UFOs Because What He Learned Is ‘Too Dark’

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Last year kicked off the mainstream media acceptance of UFO news coverage, thanks in part to unprecedented video releases by President Trump and the first public congressional hearing since the 1940s.

As 2023 comes to a close, lawmakers are frustrated by the watering down of language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would’ve sped up government disclosure, allowing the public to find out the truth about what the United States knows or doesn’t know about alleged alien aircraft.

Tucker Carlson sat with Clayton Morris and discussed in part what he has heard about UFOs and the United States government. Outside his characteristic push for knowledge and transparency, Tucker admitted that some of what he’s heard terrifies him.

Like… super dark

In one clip making its rounds on social media, Tucker Carlson told Clayton Morris that at least one news story scares him to cover. That story is of an otherworldly nature: what the United States government does or doesn’t know about UFOS.

Mr. Carlson explains:

“There are parts of that story that I do not understand at all that are really, really, really dark. It’s so dark that I haven’t told my wife about it.”

While still advocating for truth and transparency, Tucker admits that he does, to an extent, understand the government’s reluctance to tell the citizenry the whole truth:

“Parts of the government don’t want you to know about it, but part of it is the public can’t deal with it. It’s too far out. The implications are too profound.”

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Tucker, who is well known for his pursuit of the truth regardless of how ugly it might be, said this next nugget that is easily the most interesting:

“I’ve heard things where I’m just like, oh man, I don’t even really want to know that.”

What could Tucker have heard that has such a chill in his spine?

Of Gods and Men?

The stories and claims around alien visitation and the UFOs and government coverups are endless. There is the claim that aliens have been visiting our planet since ancient times, with clues of this theory found in various aspects of human culture, including literature and paintings.

Some argue that the government has been involved in a treaty with aliens dating back to the Eisenhower administration, where the US government agreed to allow a certain number of alien abductions in exchange for technological assistance. And other theories suggest our very creation came from an extraterrestrial force.

Could some of these theories be what Mr. Carlson wishes he didn’t know about? Tucker touches on some of these, albeit vaguely, in the interview:

“There’s a spiritual component there that I don’t fully understand.”

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Would disclosure shake the foundation of humanity given the connection most governments and societies have to the idea of a one true holy being that helps shape how we see ourselves in the universe and treat one another? Clayton Morris mentions that his hesitation to share what he has heard with his family is the US government’s role:

“The government’s involvement in it makes it even heavier.”

This admission received enthusiastic agreement from Tucker, who also noted his belief that the government is “hiding a crime” in relation to this subject. Has the US government sacrificed Americans to Alien Greys in exchange for technological advances?

Perhaps the latest disappointment in the NDAA hints at this possibility.

The gatekeepers

The NDAA contains language directing the National Archives to collect government documentation related to UFOs, now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Additionally, the language states that any records not already disclosed must be made public within 25 years of their creation.

On the surface, this addition to the NDAA may seem like a massive win for disclosure, but if you follow the happenings on the Hill, you know better. The original text from Senator Chuck Schumer called for a board similar to what was used to declassify documentation related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This independent board would make the decisions to declassify documentation. However, now the very groups who have actively and aggressively blocked disclosure to begin with have that power.

Senator Schumer explains:

“It is really an outrage the House didn’t work with us on adopting our proposal for a review board. It means that declassification of UAP records will be largely up to the same entities that have blocked and obfuscated their disclosure for decades.”

Those entities are the Pentagon and the intelligence community. According to Congressman Tim Burchett, defense and intelligence contracting lobbyists helped to put a stop to the independent board:

“We got ripped off. We got completely hosed. They stripped out every part.”

Why the push to block disclosure? Could it be that these contractors want to keep the public from knowing how they’ve been able to create their weapons of war?

We may never know. But what is clear is something is going on with this story, and it must be a real doozy given the lengths the government and its agents are willing to go to keep it a secret.

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