Trump’s Latest Message About the House Speakership is Sure to Drive the Media Bananas

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Former President Donald Trump, perhaps responding to a nomination by Representative Matt Gaetz, posted an amusing photoshopped image of what it might look like if he were named Speaker of the House.

The image shows President Joe Biden delivering the State of the Union address last year, flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris dressed as if she’s ready for her night shift at UPS in a brown suit, and Trump sitting beside her.

Except Trump is in a pose and making a face viewers won’t soon ever forget.

In the image, the 2024 Republican nominee is seen with his hands across his stomach, tongue wagging.

The pose appears to be from a Getty Images picture captured at a previous rally.

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Matt Gaetz Nominates Trump For Speaker

How do you not love the guy’s sense of humor? That image is just too funny. But it’s also likely just a humorous response to Gaetz nominating him for Speaker.

Gaetz made the formal announcement during the 7th of 11 rounds of voting for Speaker, in which he and a group of 20 conservative holdouts have refused to grant Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) enough votes for the role.

Trump’s name sent the House buzzing.

The Representative from Florida was fulfilling a promise he made over a year ago.

When asked by a reporter if he’d like to see Trump as Speaker, Gaetz responded, “I would.” Pressed further on if he’s discussed it with him he added, “I have.”

He even sent fundraising appeals over the summer which told donors, “how great it will feel when … we make our next Speaker of the House Donald J. Trump.”

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Trump Supports McCarthy

While the move is possible, it seems rather unlikely that former President Trump will be taking over for Nancy Pelosi any time soon.

The role has never been filled by anyone outside the chamber but the Constitution does not specifically state that the Speaker must be a House member. Anyone chosen by the House can serve as Speaker.

That said, Trump received only one vote.

Additionally, the 2024 presidential candidate has vociferously thrown his support behind McCarthy for Speaker.

“It’s now time for all of our great Republican House Members to vote for Kevin, close the deal, take the victory, [and] watch Nancy Pelosi fly back home to a very broken California,” he wrote on Truth Social.

Posting this morning, Trump predicted good things for the GOP in the coming year.

“Good things will be soon happening for the Republican Party, and 2024 will be a ‘Monster,'” he wrote.

As for Gaetz, he posted his own image of what Trump might look like holding the gavel as Speaker of the House.

Fox News is reporting Friday that a deal may be in the works that would give McCarthy the speakership, an agreement that “concedes much to the conservative House Freedom Caucus.”

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Fox reveals that the concessions made by McCarthy give conservatives “virtually everything they’ve been asking for.” 

The deal may take several days with finalization being worked on over the weekend and a new round of voting commencing next week.

Gaetz, despite any framework or deal, is not expected to vote for McCarthy.

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