Trumpmentum Is About To Go National!


In New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, GOP front-runner Donald Trump has carried the highest educated voters. I wonder when Hillary Clinton’s idiotic supporters will come to grips with the fact his supporters aren’t just high school dropouts?

Trump is the real deal, and the common sense American voters know it.

Voters are looking for someone with the strength to break the well-established corruption, fraud, lack of transparency, and lies that have led the country from the #1 nation economically and militarily in the world to a weak nation that hides everything from the people.


Trump’s surging numbers have shown the establishment in both parties that people Nationwide are tired of it, and it won’t matter who comes out on the Democratic side, the Socialist Sanders or the liar Clinton.

From The Hill:

Trump’s challengers and skeptics are holding out hope that they can overcome his early lead by scooping up big delegate prizes in the winner-take-all states that will begin casting ballots on March 15.

But as the presidential race stands today, the real estate mogul is the candidate with the best chance for a delegates windfall on that day.
He leads Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich in their home states — the first two winner-take-all contests on the calendar.

Furthermore, the dearth of winner-take-all states overall — there are only eight — and their late place in the calendar could make it difficult for the rest of the field to catch up. Trump could also run the board in a couple of hybrid states that hold contests on March 15, as he did in South Carolina.

Regardless, the lack of pure winner-take-all states will make it difficult for any of the GOP candidates to overcome Trump’s lead after March 15 if the race stays on its current course.

Watch just how huge the Nevada win was in this video clip:

Keep going Donald you will bring the U.S. back to where it was in the Reagan days! If there’s anybody that can do it, it’s Donald Trump. He was born for this!

H/T – The Hill

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