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People Can’t Stop Talking About President Trump’s Handshake With Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just arrived in Washington, D.C. He was greeted by President Donald J. Trump, and people can’t stop talking about their first handshake.

Lasting for approximately 8 seconds, it’s a firm handshake with both trying to grip harder. Could you imagine Barack Obama doing this?

Here is the discussion on Twitter:

trump trudeau

As the Telegraph reports, there were many issues to discuss:

Mr Trudeau extended his “sincere thanks” to Mr Trump for the invitation.

“Any day I get to visit our southern neighbours is a good day in my book,” he said.

Like Mr Trump’s, Mr Trudeau’s opening words were fairly generic, though he did note the progress the two countries had made in the past on climate change, an issue that is far from the top of Mr Trump’s agenda.

“We won’t always agree on everything,” Mr Trudeau said, adding that the “abiding respect” the countries have for one another will continue.

Mr Trump said it was his “great honour” to host the prime minister of America’s “great friend, neighbour and ally”.

He thanked Mr Trudeau for Canada’s efforts in fighting Isil, and noted that American and Canadian soldiers had fought and died together.

The president pledged to work with Mr Trudeau to “build even more bridges, bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce”.

Considering how many times Obama bowed to foreign leaders, it’s nice to have a president that is clearly in favor of firm handshakes… especially with misguided socialists.

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