Trump Tells Joe Rogan To Stop Apologizing To The Cancel Culture Mob

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump are urging popular podcast host Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the cancel culture mob.

Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are urging popular podcast host Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the cancel culture mob.

Rogan has been the subject of controversy ever since a handful of aging musical stars well past their prime began demanding he be removed from Spotify due to alleged COVID misinformation.

He further landed in a bit of hot water when a video surfaced of Rogan using the “n-word” in past podcasts.

Despite the compilation video lacking some level of context – Rogan has been a comedian for quite some time and most are afforded comedic license when it comes to saying offensive things – the breadth of his use of the reprehensible slur led to an apology.

Rogan said the video was the “most regretful and shameful thing” he’s ever had to talk about adding, “I clearly have f***ed up.”

It was to be Rogan’s second apology since the Spotify furor began. 

Just over a week ago, Rogan apologized to Spotify and to the boycotting musicians, and offered to make concessions to the outrage mob.

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Joe Rogan and Cancel Culture

President Trump issued a statement late Monday night imploring Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the woke mob, pointing out it would never be enough for those who want to see him canceled.

“Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the Fake News and Radical Left maniacs and lunatics,” he said.

Rogan is by no means a fan of Trump, having called him “f***ing dangerous” following the Capitol riot and calling for an investigation into that day’s events.

Still, Trump’s statement lent clear support to the podcast host.

“How many ways can you say you’re sorry?” Trump wondered. “Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened. That’s not you and it never will be!”

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DeSantis Agrees

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination if Trump decides not to run, concurs.

In an interview with Fox News, DeSantis hammered the liberal media and explained that Joe Rogan apologizing will only make the cancel culture mob come after him more fervently.

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“No, he shouldn’t have apologized. I mean, you see what happens? The mob will come after people, and they’re targeting Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart on some of the things that they’re holding dear,” he said.

DeSantis also pointed out that the initial objections were for ‘COVID misinformation’ when in reality Rogan was simply hosting discussions with opposing viewpoints – something truly unbiased media outlets should consider.

“And with COVID, he’s just bringing opposing views. He’s letting people decide,” the Republican governor said. “They say he’s against [the vaccine]. I do not listen to his show, but then I read he specifically advocated for people with co-morbidities and elderly to get vaccinated.”

DeSantis went on to suggest that the leftist media is out to destroy Rogan because of his popularity.

Rogan himself has said one outlet in particular, CNN, is taking a hit because more popular individuals such as himself are beginning to call them out for ‘fake news.’

CNN chastised him for using what they defined simply as a “horse dewormer,” which Rogan managed to get the network’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to admit was something they never should have said.

CNN host Don Lemon continued to criticize Rogan despite Gupta’s admission.

“When you’re saying something,” Rogan responded, “and then the person you’re saying it about has literally tens times the audience you do, you dumb motherf***** …”

“Do you know what you did? You just proved my point.”

The liberal media and cancel culture mob has proven Trump’s and DeSantis’ point time and time again. They won’t stop. In fact, they’re even more motivated once you start issuing apologies.

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