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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. William says:

    At the time the transaction occurred Candidate Trump was busy in the final weeks of his campaign. Then soon after winning he was busy with the transition and picking administration members. It is very likely he was not even aware of the 130K reembursement to his lawyer. To businessman Trump that amount is pocket change and large amounts of money change hands continually. In my opinion President Trump was not aware of the allegations nor the payment untill the biased MSM made a “crisis” of it. AND in my opinion President Trump would have disclosed the payment if it weren’t presented to him as just an other reembursement to his lawyer for legal expenses.

  2. Tina says:

    Let’s get this straight….she sleeps with a married man – 12 years ago. In 2016 his lawyer gives her money to stfu (who made that 1st contact? her? Her lawyer?). In 2018, as the new POTUS’s policies are WORKING & the dem’s can’t do anything but whine about Trump being evil (no good policy changes or candidates), she’s all over the news……..yet the libs love her. What about metoo? A freaking circus & it’s not even Trump.

  3. HOFFHACK says:

    What about the “ETHICS” of Mueller, Clinton, Comey, Rosenstein, Clapper, etc.????

  4. Jerome says:

    Of the many 2 word combinations that do not go together “Federal and Ethics” top the list.

  5. Wenai says:

    Who really gives a Flyin’ F3ck???

  6. Mike says:

    They just keep making noise. Pretty soon his 6th grade teacher is going to come forward and say he paid her to give him a BJ in the Boys bathroom. I DON’T CARE. I do care about the security of our Nation and fact that my son has a future in Trump’s America. If Trump is ever forced from office before his TERMS are up, that will be the day WE THE PEOPLE march on DC and clean house. The 2nd amendment was written to protect us from exactly what the DEEP STATE is trying to do, take over OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR LIVES.

  7. Joe A. says:

    Who wants to talk about trash,

  8. Ray says:

    What hell is matter with all the dumb ass idiots, it is none of their fking concern who he or any body has screwed

  9. Airdropper says:

    The laws governing spending during a campaign are so stupid you can never win. If you pay from your money and you don’t declare you violate the very vague law. If you don’t pay at all and you don’t declare the election commission can find you in violation even though you didn’t pay. This would be a very interesting test case before the SCOTUS if someone had the capital to take it that far. At the most there probably be a fine of $10,000 for a campaign finance violation. All in all this is total bull $hit.

  10. DeepThinker says:

    Stormy got her 15 minutes of fame, whether or not deserved, so pay her off to shut her up. This does not prove an affair ever happened. It only proves that a rich man was targeted during a time when he had more important matters to attend to. If the affair did take place, it was 10 years ago, for pity’s sake! Has no one ever heard of repentance or penance for foolish actions?

    1. Pat says:

      A wonderful comment. Her moment of fame is lasting too long. She has become very tiresome.

  11. JoAnn says:

    I just read a story that said this was being “referred” to a prosecutor. They can “refer” til the cows come home, but a “prosecutor” CANNOT charge a sitting President with ANYTHING, much less PROSECUTE him! The ONLY way–according to the Constitution–can be “charged” with ANYTHING is by impeachment. PERIOD. End of sentence. So the media and assorted OTHER lying Commucrats can just stop SALIVATING over this idiotic story.

  12. Larry says:

    Since when is there ethics in government?

  13. Larry says:

    Post my damn comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ray says:

    “Government Ethics” Talk about an oxymoron.

  15. enoch68 says:

    ….’ethics’…’government’…?…I don’t recall any ‘ethics’ ‘office’ criticizing the beast for all of her illegal bribes and pay-to-plays…and ohbummer’s illegal contributors…etc…etc…etc…the entire fascistcrat gang is an ethics violation…

  16. Mark says:

    Much ado about nothing. When means the left will try to make something of it. And we’ll get to see more of the ambulance chaser Avenatti.

    1. Mdic says:

      He’s been hobnobbing with Christie Brinkley in the Hamptons. Run Christie run!

  17. To see this pig get air time just shows how messed up this country is. Degeneracy is in full bloom. this little dirtbag lawyer should have his ; well not said. I am glad she is not my daughter or grand daughter.

  18. Mdic says:

    Office of Government Ethics, what a misnomer! Hahahaha

  19. Tom says:

    I just hope that our president sent Stormy Daniels a Mothers Day card.

    1. Mdic says:

      Don’t think Hallmark makes Happy Whore Day cards Tom but maybe I just haven’t seen any?

  20. Federal Man says:

    See, see, see…! Trump paid a prostitute. Who gives a sheet? Why don’t they talk about all the women Bill Clinton raped?

  21. Mary says:

    Why is this old whore getting air time???

  22. Michael says:

    I think we need to ask if Stormy Daniels was extorting Trump for that money!

  23. Wanda says:


  24. Robert says:

    If she had as many dicks sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her she would look like a porcupine. Real credible hag.

  25. T Nick says:

    Shame the media is watching, with Malania in the hospital, this would usually be the perfect time for him to call up a prostitute or sexually assault a female staff member

  26. Frank says:

    President Trump should have revealed he was being blackmailed?
    Only he wasn’t President then.
    What court in the world outside of Iran requires you give the opposition information like that?

  27. Ronald says:

    This is getting silly. The allegation was made in 2006. Does anyone actually believe it wasn’t paid until 2016? Let’s see the documentation, like the nondisclosure agreement SHE SIGNED. The date on it would be rather interesting.

  28. Ted says:

    “The Office of Government Ethics” are they freaking kidding? Let the first government employee with ethics please stand up.

    1. Mdic says:

      Don’t think any of those morally bankrupt politicians will be standing up Ted. It’s a prerequisite to be a politician – must have NO ethics. Lol.

  29. David says:

    It may be the first time she was paid to keep her mouth shut. She is trying to get up enough money to have a screen implanted on top of her head to show her movie.

  30. Peter says:

    Let’s LOOK AT THE FACTS!!!!

    Today trumpie LEGALLY stated he paid $130,000.00 to Stormy.

    Yet he says he never met her.

    GOP LOSERS, how often do you pay $130,000.00 to a person you never met?


  31. Peter says:

    Today trumpie LEGALLY stated he paid $130,000.00 to Stormy.

    Yet he says he never met her.

    GOP LOSERS, how often do you pay $130,000.00 to a person you never met?


  32. Luci says:

    Go back PRE-Stormy and tabulate how often and how much President Trump paid him for “expenses”! This Wily Worm, Cohen should only be able to catch FISH! Seems like he has caught a LOT of “Suckers” by his Sly Shyster ways! OUR President will find out just how DEPRAVED this cohen, conning creep IS!

  33. Grizz says:

    Stormy has already released sworn affidavits that nothing happened with Trump.

    1. Doris says:

      Brian, we elected him to be a leader of our country to get things done. He has done more the first year than Obama did in 8 years. A one night stand 12 years ago does not affect our country. Most of the senators and house have paid off women to keep them from talking. Clinton even dirtied up our white house with his affairs and rape.

      1. Peter says:

        Doris, you uneducated person. Your BLACK POTUS Obama took a 10.0% unemployment rate (thanks to GOP POTUS Bush) and brought it DOWN to 4.7%.
        A DROP of 53%.
        ALL FACTS!

        Your trumpie will never achieve a drop of 53%.


      2. Peter says:

        Doris, Doris, Doris, you uneducated person. Your BLACK POTUS Obama took a 10.0% unemployment rate (thanks to GOP POTUS Bush) and brought it DOWN to 4.7%.

        Do you know what unemployment rate means? Please tell us.
        A DROP of 53%.

        53% is greater than cutting it in half!!!!

        ALL FACTS!

        Your trumpie will never achieve a drop of 53%.


      3. Marilyn says:

        Doris, the liberal fascists in this country evidently do not care if anything gets done. They spent eight years cheering on that muslim Obama while he marched us backwards and were THRILLED WITH EVERY LYING DISHONEST MOMENT OF THAT NIGHTMARE.

    2. Peter says:

      Totay trumpie LEGALLY stated he paid $130,000.00 to Stormy.

      Yet he says he never met her.

      GOP LOSERS, how often do you pay $130,000.00 to a person you never met?


    3. Marilyn says:

      Hasn’t she pretty much confessed to BLACKMAIL? I thought that was a felony? Shouldn’t her nasty backside be in jail already? And the shyster lawyer along with her?

  34. Brian says:

    This is a statement of our President’s lack of character and moral judgement. Any of you Evangelicals that are giving him a pass on this need to check your own convenient, hypocritical morality. HE IS NOT FIT TO LEAD MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. Period. End. Of. Sentence. This won’t bring him down, but the literally THOUSANDS of lies and financial horseplay certainly will. I would be laughing if it weren’t so sad that so many americans are so uninformed, so stupid, so unable to think for themselves. Integrity. Look up the definition.

    1. Ed says:

      Grow up,we knew about this before he was elected.Get over it!

      1. Brian says:

        And yet you voted for him?

        1. Alan says:

          So what, if he screwed a whore 12 years ago. That means nothing today.

        2. Mdic says:

          You can always leave the country if you’re not happy Brian.

    2. Ted says:

      Brian if he’s not fit who is? Hillary? The Dems had a flawed candidate in Hillary and have no one of any substance for 2020 which makes Trump a possible repeat in2020.

    3. Tammy says:

      Obama spent time in gay bathhouses, We all know Clinton had sex with a intern in the Oval Office….This is a big NOTHING and the media keeps the fire going…just like Russia. Trump is working for free….he got jobs back, he is trying to stop the illegals from pouring in. What has anyone else done in the last 10 years?

    4. David says:

      To Brian,, I voted for him because he was the least worst. And I thank the sun every morning that we don’t have a Hillary Supreme Court. Trump is not perfect,l We don’t get to have perfection on Earth.
      He is bitter medicine but our country was sick and we are getting better.

      1. Marilyn says:

        I disagree with the *bitter medicine*…..we are so damned used to politicians and their sidestepping and total lack of integrity that people have a hard time getting past the fact that this is a man who couldn’t care less what the left thinks of him and only wants to do the right thing for our country.

        1. Mdic says:

          Totally agree with you Marilyn.

        2. David says:

          I call him bitter medicine for calling women names and saying they have ugly faces and not being a gentleman sometimes. I am a little old fashioned, southern gentleman, so the New York ungentlemaness is a little bitter to my manners. But Hillary was disaster.

    5. Mdic says:

      Grow up Brian! You fit right into that “uniformed, stupid, unable to think for yourself” category. Every single President has likely had indiscretions & IF Trump did it was 12 years ago & has not one thing to do with the job he is doing today. Obama is likely a pedophile who frequented Comet Pizza & bought $65,000 worth of “hot dogs” to the White House. Hot dogs are a pedophile term according to rhe FBI & besides you can’t bring ANY food into the White House, it’s not allowed. Trump isn’t going anywhere so enjoy the next 6.5 years snowflake.

      1. Mdic says:

        The not rhe, my bad…

    6. Southern says:

      I am an educated person, I do think for myself, and that is exactly what is wrong with people like you. I am going to use your language about it is so sad that so many Americans are so uninformed, so stupid, so unable to think for them like you poor Democrats that follow the likes of lying, cheating Obama and poor pitiful cry baby Hillary. All of those Democrats that do not know their butt from a hole in the ground are really something I would be motivated to follow as you do…

  35. Maurice says:

    JFK and Bill Clinton disgraced the Presidents Office by their insatiable sexual escapades inside and outside Our Nations White House. President Donald J. Trump’s personal life before he became involved in the last Presidential election, which he won; the incidents charged by his enemies all occurred well before he ran for and was elected President. Few men or women walking planet earth can honestly make the claim that their life has been perfect in every encounter with their fellow humans. lee1233

    1. Grizz says:

      You do know that they were Democrats ?

      1. Tani says:

        Trump was also a democrat back then.

  36. Robert says:

    I think the President was issued a citation for Jaywalking in New York City, sometime in 1999 and he never payed the fine. According to the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, this would be grounds for impeachment. This is according to reliable sources, who are Brennan and Clapper

  37. Bill says:

    92 page disclosure. His attorney probably didn’t even tell him about it until after the election. Big whoop. They are grasping at straws.

  38. Danny says:

    This is no more than a low life treasonous attack on Trump if the affair occurred it was 11 or 12 years ago. This low life government affairs idiots need jail time as the Mule and his cronies deserve. They are putting their big lying mouths in where it doesn’t belong. Look at Hellary, Holdeer, Comey, Reid, Pelosi and Obama forhis treasonous acts including supplying weapons to the terrorist in Syria and to the Drug Cartel in Mexico costing hundreds of lives.

    1. Ted says:

      Danny your bringing up subjects the Dems don’t k now about I guess or they would be mentioning
      it on these sites. Do you realize not one word about Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc. it’s like they never happened so the Dems are clean nothing negative in their history.

  39. Where has this so called “Ethics Commission” been during “Cigar” Bill’s, Killary, Pelosi, Maxine
    Water, Wasserman Schultz and other Socialist Democrats not to mention Obama occupation
    of the White House? Apparently they only craw out if it is someone they do not like President
    Trump who is actually doing what he said he would do “DRAINING THE SWAMP”.

  40. James says:

    This has no meaning. Ethics committees pontificate all sorts of things and nothing ever results – – just look at Congress. There is no crime here and few except the left progressive never-Trump care a whit. Then we wait for the members of the committee to be found guilty of ethics violations or worse.

  41. Sam says:

    Who cares? Consensual sex between adults is NOT a crime, whether married or not! This allegedly happened over 10 years ago. Get to reporting on Trump’s achievements, and stop this insanity. I hated obama – for 8 years – but I never wanted to see my country to fail. Yet, for 8 years, obama did nothing for *my way of life*. nothing! I never protested, told lies about him, in fact, I didn’t even bring up politics in any conversations because it was so divisive.

    I am so sick of msm that I haven’t watched network news in over a year! I watch local newscasts, but I have been known for calling them out for being bias as well. Just stop supporting their sponsors, stop taking their surveys, give them a bogus email so you don’t get them pushing their “thing we should do” on us. They are not worthy of a paycheck, imo. msm will die out eventually, especially when Trump continues to MAGA!

  42. Frank says:

    Nobody and I mean nobody, except the lamestream media, gives a crap about this lying POS. Her and her attorney are both useless waste of space. enough of this BS.

  43. Rich says:

    Unfortunately, Koskinen is IRS Commissioner and we all know what he did in causing grief for Conservative Groups in the past.

    He probably has some sort of symbiotic relationship with Stormy and her criminal attorney . . . . they’re all on the sames level of morality.

    1. JoAnn says:

      Funny that Koskinen does not seem to care about the $5 MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes Stormy’s dirtbag attorney owes to the IRS . . .

  44. Michele says:

    Someone please explain to me how President Trump could disclose that information if he was UNAWARE that it happened????????????????

  45. phillip says:

    This is just another Conspiracy to show that Washington uses the word Justice to mean
    JUST-US We dont want anyone else in here, We all entered office as Working guys with good Jobs and we are all now worthe 100 Million Plus, and we dont need an outsider stirring the Pot, You only think you live in a Democracy !!!!!!!!!

  46. John says:

    So, would he have gotten a tax deduction? Is paying blackmail a crime for the victim?

    1. Mdic says:

      Shhhhh, the IRS will be going after him next.

  47. Bonnie says:

    Enough is enough! It is time for they to get the ones that have continued to lie, break the laws and politically take down our country. To name a few – Billy and Hilliary Clinton, Obama and Mueller team. Time to make them accountable. Trump has done more for the US in 18 months than they did for 16 years. Lets us our tax dollar where it needs to be used. Just read about all the LLC companies Hilliary set up to evade disclosing all her money. I’m sure that will go under the table with all the other stuff they have done illegally.

    1. Sam says:

      Did the Clintons disclose EVERYTHING? How about Obama the foreign exchange STUDENT…. OH, I forgot; they are democrats and it is OK to distort the truth…

  48. Phil says:

    Oh, good they’ve got something on The Donald. He paid his hooker.

    1. Mdic says:

      Next they’ll be saying Trump didn’t pay her enough Phil. Libturds are never happy.

  49. Russell says:

    So where is the investigation on Clinton transferring 150K from her campaign fund to her speaking fund? Or the investigation on the Clinton foundation? Or ………

  50. Jerome says:

    There can NOT be a verdict if there was no trial.

  51. Mark says:

    The country is too numb from men in power who have affairs. Both John and Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton have made this an art form. And they did in while in office, whereas Trump was a private citizen. By the way, I read an article where Peter Lawford, the brother-in-law of John Kennedy, stated that he believes Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the Kennedys.

    1. Tracy says:

      I believe with all my heart she was kill

      1. Brian says:

        Well if you believe it in your heart, it MUST be true.

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