Trump Snaps On Nancy Pelosi: A ‘Demented Psycho’ Who Will ‘Live In Hell’

Donald Trump went off on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she was a "demented pscyho" who will one day "live in hell."
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The former President Donald Trump went off on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after she opined that he appeared “scared” as he headed to court to be arraigned on charges related to his role in protesting the 2020 presidential election results.

Pelosi remarked that Trump looked like a “scared puppy” as he arrived to plead “not guilty” to the charges.

“I wasn’t in the courtroom of course, but when I saw his coming out of his car and this or that, I saw a scared puppy,” Pelosi said during an appearance with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

“I didn’t see any bravado or confidence or anything like that,” she added. “He knows the truth that he lost the election, and now he’s got to face the music.”

Pelosi also praised the January 6th sham committee that “laid the foundation” for the criminal charges, which was essentially the point of that panel in the first place.

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Trump Condemns Pelosi To Hell

Trump took extreme umbrage to the notion that he looked “scared” over the repeated politically motivated indictments coming out of President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

He held absolutely nothing back in a Truth Social media post in which he took a pointed jab at Paul Pelosi’s “weird story” and eventually suggested he and his wife would be condemned to hell.

“I purposely didn’t comment on Nancy Pelosi’s very weird story concerning her husband, but now I can because she said something about me, with glee, that was really quite vicious,” Trump wrote.

“I wasn’t ‘scared,’” he continued. “Nevertheless, how mean a thing to say!”

“She is a Wicked Witch whose husband’s journey from hell starts and finishes with her,” Trump concluded. “She is a sick [and] demented psycho who will someday live in HELL!”

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He Doesn’t Seem Scared

Trump’s remarks about Paul Pelosi’s “weird story” appears to be a reference to an attack that he suffered in October of last year.

Mr. Pelosi was the victim of a heinous assault inside his San Francisco home after a man identified as suspected illegal immigrant David DePape broke in by shattering glass using a hammer.

Mr. Pelosi was also arrested for DUI in August, with it being found that he had an illegal substance in his system, exhibited slurred speech, and allegedly handed officers a police “privilege card” as a means to get out of his predicament.

Mr. Pelosi eventually served one day in jail and was required to perform eight hours of community service after a crash that destroyed two vehicles.

Which does seem kind of weird.

As for Trump looking like a “scared puppy,” video just hours after his “not guilty” plea showed the former President crashing a wedding at his country club in Bedminster, where he was seen shaking hands with guests while smiling and waving.

That appearance seems to suggest a man who is unfazed and looks like anything but a “scared puppy.”

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