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After Trump Won, Here’s What Schools Did to American Kids!


As someone who recently graduated college, it’s hard not to notice the culture of liberal grievance politics that’s taken hold there. Victim-hood is currency in the world of identity politics, and it’s managed to produce a generation of Leftists who get PTSD from existence.

And it’s not just college students perpetuating it – the liberals who control our colleges are huge enablers of liberal insanity. Just the latest example? Apparently some emotional first-aid is needed to “heal” from the scars of a Trump victory.

Professors at many universities canceled classes Wednesday to help their students deal with the apparent trauma of the election results.

“Because I know this process has been difficult for many of you (emotionally and mentally), I wanted to let you know that I’m not taking roll in class tomorrow,” a professor at UConn wrote in an email to students.

She told her English students she understood if they needed a “personal day” to deal with Donald Trump being elected president.

Another professor at Iowa State did the same, canceling class and postponing a quiz until Friday. The message called Hillary Clinton’s defeat a “life-changing event.”

“I think many of you will need some time to cope due to the polarizing nature of the campaign,” the message stated.

And how did students spend their days off? Studying? Working?

No, of course not. They spent it protesting Trump’s win, as if there’s greater than a zero percent chance of what accomplishing anything.

H/T Fox News

Remember when Barack Obama won the Presidency, and emotionally traumatized Republicans needed to take a break from reality, and then went out and destroyed private property in protest? Yeah, me neither.



Whoever says there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats simply hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not just our policies that we differ in – it’s our behavior too.