Trump Says He’s ‘Shocked’ Over Tucker Carlson Firing: ‘What is Going on at Fox News?’

Donald Trump said he was "shocked" over the news that Tucker Carlson had parted ways with Fox News and, coupled with the departure of conservative commentator Dan Bongino, openly wondered what is going on over at the network.
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Donald Trump said he was “shocked” over the news that Tucker Carlson had been suddenly fired by Fox News and, coupled with the departure of conservative commentator Dan Bongino, openly wondered what is going on over at the network.

In an interview with Newsmax’ Greg Kelly, the former President lauded Carlson for being the gold standard in media today while indicating he was very surprised by the news.

“I’m shocked. I’m surprised, he’s a very good person, a very good man and very talented, as you know, and he had very high ratings,” Trump said.

“I don’t know if it was voluntary or it was somebody fired,” he added. “But I think Tucker’s been terrific, he’s been, especially over the last year or so, he’s been terrific to me.”

While an initial statement by Fox News suggested they had parted ways, subsequent news stories have suggested Carlson was fired by the network, though specific reasons have been rather sketchy.

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Trump After Tucker Carlson Firing: ‘What is Going On?’

Donald Trump also posted about Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News on his Truth Social media platform.

“The fact that Tucker Carlson will no longer be on Fox News is a big blow to Cable News, and to America,” he wrote.

The current leader for the Republican nomination for President in 2024 also noted that Tucker “was insightful, interesting, and ratings gold.”

“He will be greatly missed!” he added.

Trump also posted a video of a keynote speech Tucker Carlson delivered at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th-anniversary celebration this past weekend.

“Lies are contagious, but so is the truth… the more you tell the truth, the stronger you become,” Carlson said in the address.

The more you tell the truth, the more Fox seemingly tucks their tail and runs away.

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Trump Also Laments Loss of Bongino at Fox

In a subsequent post, Donald Trump addressed the turmoil at Fox News and noted the recent departure of conservative political commentator Dan Bongino.

As The Political Insider reported on Thursday, Bongino parted ways with the network after ten years.

“Simply put, we were unable to agree on an extension. That’s truly it,” he told listeners. “I had a great time there. For 10 years, they were helpful to me. Sad day today.”

Bongino pointed out that he was given the option to do a final show, a concession Fox News was not willing to give Carlson.

“They did give me the opportunity to do one last show. I don’t want you to think they like, showed me the door, that’s on me, not on them,” he said.

It’s confounding that Carlson wasn’t shown the same respect – especially as a ratings giant that brought millions to Fox News through his show. Although we don’t know details at this time of what happened behind the scenes, it is a curious development.

“Oh no, not Dan Bongino also?” Trump wrote, seemingly learning of the news just recently. “Not only Tucker, but Dan.”

“What is going on at FoxNews?” he wondered.

It’s tough to say, but their ratings are certainly going to take a massive hit. Brian Kilmeade was thrown into the 8 p.m. timeslot Monday night and people were not pleased.

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It’s not Kilmeade’s fault for filling in where he was asked. But going from Tucker’s show to last night’s effort is a disaster. And there is nobody currently on the Fox News roster that can compare to Carlson.

Are we watching the actual downfall of Fox News? Did the liberal censorship brigade finally win in shutting down the one rare voice of truth on primetime?

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