Another day, another media freakout over the Trump presidency.

Earlier today, President Trump held a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was the opportunity the liberal media has been salivating to get, pitting the U.S. President against the leader of the country we know had something to do with the hacking of DNC emails. (RELATED: ‘The Time Has Come To Talk About Our Relations’: Trump Sits Down With Putin In Finland.)

For years, we’ve heard the same refrain over and over again: Russia “hacked the election” (whatever that means) and the Trump campaign may have been working with them to make it happen. No evidence has been presented to prove that assertion, but it hasn’t stopped liberals from making it anyway.

Now, in a testy exchange with reporters, Trump just shut down the Russian collusion narrative with one simple question: Where the hell is the DNC server the Russians reportedly hacked emails from? Why hasn’t the FBI been allowed to take a hold of it?

Watch the exchange below:

We learned shortly after the 2016 election that the FBI neglected to actually investigate the DNC servers where emails were supposedly swiped from. (RELATED: Two Months After Election, FBI Admits They Never Looked At DNC Email Servers.)

Now, that doesn’t mean the Russians didn’t pull a bunch of cyber shenanigans with our elections. In fact, the FBI has confirmed that is the case.

So why then has the DNC been less than forthcoming with their email server? The U.S. intelligence community has confirmed Russia was behind the serve hacking. What is the DNC trying to hide?

Trump has been asking this question for months, yet the media doesn’t appear to be digging in. It would be the easiest thing in the world to hand over the server. So why won’t they do it?

Silence speaks louder than pathetic excuses.

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