This week, President Trump is expected to officially sign an Executive Order authorizing his administration to conduct an in-depth investigation into the allegations of massive voter fraud throughout the 2016 election.

President Donald J. Trump is pushing back hard about the 2016 election results, claiming that he would have defeated Hillary Clinton in the popular vote if it wasn’t for mass voter fraud.

The media claims this is false. But evidence shows us that fraud really does happen in Presidential elections.

Experts in elections studies carried out a study from 2014, which looked at data from the 2008 presidential elections. And the numbers are staggering.

As Newsmax reports, as many as 2.8 million non-citizens voted in that election, according to the study from Old Dominion University:

“We find that some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections,” co-author Jesse Richman wrote.

Based on those findings, the same experts found that more than 800,000 non-citizens voted in the 2016 election, Richman told the conservative site The Daily Signal.

President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday claimed in a tweet that he would have won the popular vote if not for the “millions of people who voted illegally.”

This is why Democrats are so opposed to border security and why and many blue states currently offer driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Voter fraud in many states is too easy, and Democrat-leaning organizations are set up to encourage it inside minority communities.

This really changes the narrative. Democrats know that fraud overwhelmingly helps their candidates, which is why they campaign so hard against voter ID laws in every state.

President Trump continues to fight on Twitter, and the truth on his side!

Fixing the voting process wouldn’t just make America great again… It would also be a devastating blow to Democrats, who count on voter fraud to win elections.

What do you think about this report which shows mass presidential election voter fraud? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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