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Man Throws Russian Flags at President Trump – Accuses Him of Treason

Looks like another anti-Trump maniac is going to jail.

President Trump visited Capitol Hill today to discuss tax reform with Republican senators.

Many observers were anticipating an awkward lunch between the president and the senators, especially after this morning’s blow up between Trump and Tennessee senator Bob Corker.

A tense exchange could still be coming. But for now, the main excitement from the lunch came from an incident that occurred just as President Trump was walking to meet the senators.

As Trump approached a scrum of journalists, an impostor sprung forth, throwing a packet of papers in Trump’s direction while accusing him of treason. Take a look at the intense moment below:

Wow. That was a close call. The Capitol has a lot of security. But you can never be too careful. Thankfully, it looks like the miscreant was arrested on the spot. Serves him right for acting like a fool in front of the president and nearly assaulting him.

It turns out he was throwing Russian flags at Trump, which makes sense since he was screaming his head off about treason:

What’s interesting about the incident is that the protester was posing as a journalist. We all know that the media class hates Trump more than anybody. It was smart of the would-be assaulter to blend in with people who probably got a good laugh out of his antics.

Expect to see more incidents like this as Trump’s term continues. The media is fanning the flames of resentment and hatred. They want more people like this dunce to take action. There’s a reason former president Jimmy Carter said the press is overwhelmingly critical of Trump. It’s not because they want him to succeed.

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