President Donald Trump has attracted criticism from the fun-police a number of times after referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” which is poking fun at the fact that Warren claimed to be Native American when applying for a job at Harvard Law School (which she received). It turned out that, at most, Warren is a mere 1/64th Cherokee. While teaching at Harvard, she was one of only two Ivy League law professors to not hold a law degree from an Ivy League school, so it is highly likely that affirmative action did award her the position.

Trump was told the nickname was “very offensive” by some hypersensitive journalists when first calling her that – and he couldn’t have cared any less.

He called Warren “Pocahontas” again this week, hilariously doing so in at an event honoring Navajo code talkers.”You were here long before any of us were here,” Trump told the men who were being honored for their service during World War II. He then continued, “Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas.”

Liberal journos everywhere pretended to be offended by the remark, even going as far as to claim that it was rooted in racism. “Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ obsession reveals a central miscalculation of his presidency” read one headline over at the Washington Post. “Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ jab stuns families of Navajo war vets” read the Chicago Tribune. “TRUMP POCAHONTAS SLUR: THE PRESIDENT HAS A LONG HISTORY OF INSULTING NATIVE AMERICANS” read Newsweek – all CAPS.

You’d think the man had killed someone.

He made a tongue-in-cheek comment.

I’m not exactly sure who didn’t get at least a chuckle out of the comment – because among them was one of Pocahontas’s actual descendants.

According to the Daily Caller, “it turns out that an actual descendant of Pocahontas does not take any offense to President Donald Trump jokingly referring to Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas.'”

“In a September interview with Sky News, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco said that Trump once asked her if it offended her that he used the name “Pocahontas” to refer to the Democratic senator. “I know that he uses ‘Pocahontas’ sometimes with Elizabeth Warren,” Porreco explained. “He said, ‘well does that offend you when I use that?’ And I told him no, it doesn’t offend me.”“If Pocahontas were alive today, she would be very proud of President Trump,” Porreco said. “Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, Donald Trump is going to be our hero.”

Just a random thought: Why is it that liberals are more outraged at Trump poking fun at Warren lying to gain a prestigious teaching position than Warren’s actions herself?

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