Trump’s Plan for Today’s Meeting with Democrats Over Shutdown and Border Wall

Today, President Trump is set to meet with congressional leaders in order to hash out a deal to end the government shutdown.

Today’s high stakes meeting to end shutdown

The main point of contention remains the same: Trump’s demand for $5 billion in border wall funding. In order to get the funding, any government funding bill needs to receive 60 votes in the Senate – which is nine more than Republicans currently have.

So far, Democrats have been intransigent in their resistance to funding the border wall. They’ve dug in their heels, leaving the government shuttered.

Before the meeting starts this morning, Trump let fly over Twitter how Mexico will pay for the wall ultimately, in a more roundabout way:

The Situation Room gambit

It’ll be interesting to see if Trump uses this reasoning as he negotiates a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the Democrat leaders of both congressional chambers. But, for now, we have an inkling of what Trump’s deal-making plan may be before the meeting begins. Axios has the scoop:

On Day 12 of the shutdown, President Trump plans to hold today’s meeting with congressional leaders in the Situation Room as a way of dramatizing security concerns at the border, according to Hill sources in both parties.

The big picture: Top House and Senate leaders from both parties RSVP’d “yes” to yesterday’s invitation and will attend, I’m told. Talks were on ice over the holidays, lending drama to face-to-face negotiations despite widespread skepticism about a breakthrough.

With some Republicans worried Trump hasn’t used the bully pulpit deftly enough during the shutdown, this is a chance for Trump to regain the offensive before Democrats take control of the House tomorrow.

This will be an interesting tactic, though it’s unclear if Pelosi and Schumer will be fazed by Trump’s quick dramatization.

Democrats have no interest in border security

Democrats have proven time and time again they have no concern for border security and the crime and drugs our porous southern border invites into our country.

Democrats show little remorse when a police officer like Ronil Singh is killed while on duty by an illegal immigrant. Democrats support sanctuary city policies that shield these kinds of deadly criminals from immigration authorities:

Trump can dramatize the danger that comes from loosely protected borders all he wants. The problem is, drama requires viewers with a heart to interpret the meaning behind the message.

Democrats have proven they have no heart for the victims of illegal immigration. Good luck to President Trump during what will be a contentious meeting today. He’ll need to unleash something totally unexpected if he wants Democrats to meet him anywhere in the middle.

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