President Trump is promising not to cave on his demand for a border wall following a press conference from Nancy Pelosi.

Trump digs his heels in

This morning, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had her weekly press conference where she told the media about her continual opposition to the President’s request for a border wall. “If we give into him on this, what happens if he wants to cut Social Security or Medicare or end legal migration or cut food stamps?” Pelosi asked, setting up a fake hypothetical situation in order to make a point.

President Trump, who was presumably watching the conference, replied immediately over Twitter, explaining his support for the wall and promising not to “cave” on the issue.

Trump’s promise not to cave should be heartening to supporters. Already, Republicans are starting to signal that they may soon give in and join with Democrats to open the government without funding for a border wall. GOP Senator Cory Gardner announced he’ll stand with Democrats and vote for a clean bill to open up the government. (RELATED: Republican Sen Cory Gardner Will Give Up On A Wall, Vote With Democrats.)

Cracks start to show on the Democrat side

Meanwhile, cracks are beginning to show in the House Democrat caucus, as at least one Democrat is demanding that Pelosi concede to Trump on the wall. (RELATED: Democrat Rep Collin Peterson Breaks With Pelosi: Give Trump Money For Border Wall.) A handful of House Democrats are even pushing the Speaker to, at the very least, bargain in good faith with the President. (RELATED: Moderate Democrats Push Nancy Pelosi to Strike a Shutdown Deal.)

Pelosi is reportedly working with other Democrat leaders to cobble together a border-security package that, presumably, won’t contain any funding for the actual wall. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Prepares Border Security Package Despite Ongoing Shutdown.)

We’re in unprecedented territory here and it’s unclear right now how the shutdown ends.