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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. 173rdHerd says:

    Go for it POTUS, most of the population in the U.S. are behind you all the way.

  2. Camille says:

    I still think that Pelosi and Schumer need to work with the President or have to put illegals up in their homes, pay for their food, and medical out of their pay. They are both acting like total as-holes.

  3. Teddy says:

    I don;t believe Trump will declare National Emergency He does not have guts to do so.Friday midnight the politicians will pass a temperrary bill.Republicans are to eager to make a deal.Obama stole 500 billion without congress.Obama is the guy with balls

    1. Camille says:

      Yes Obama got away with all kinds of crap and the Republicans went along with him. He is an EVIL man, because all he wanted to do was make this a 3rd world country.
      President Trump loves this country, the military and the people. He doesn’t want to have to do this but the Demonrats only care about themselves and power.

  4. Bill says:

    Enough saber rattling with no one striking the first blow. We have seen enough of that stagnation tactics from the Obama administration. It nearly brought America to her knees. You have the authority to start building the wall do not hesitate any longer contract it out and make our steel industry happy for all of the steel they will need to produce. Think of the jobs it will create too building of that nice big shinny new wall across our southern border..so there is a silver lining within this construction of the wall. The majority of the American people want this wall built and built soon so as long as you still have the majority of the people backing you I wouldn’t hesitate too much longer as they are getting antsy and some are beginning to second guess the idea of the wall if it is a lengthy inconvenience to them and a burden on the economy for not getting anywhere..Build that damn wall and start it tomorrow!! Listen to the voice of the people!! Build the Wall….Build the Wall!!…Build the Wall!!!

    1. krymson says:

      I agree. The time for action as arrived and I am one voter who supports President Trump’s attempts to stem this “peaceful” invasion from our southern neighbors. Latino gangs have infiltrated this country and have spread from coast-to-coast, committing crimes against hardworking Americans at an alarmingly increased rate. I am fully cognizant that crime has been a human fault since the age of humanity, so do not bother to argue that Latino gangs are not the problem. These gangs are nothing but criminal in intent, existence, and function and are growing in number so quickly we should not ignore them in favor of challenging President Trump. No sensible person can believe that gang members are not using these “alien caravans” to gain illegal entry into these United States of America.

      Those who gather at our borders and demand we let them in have no say in what WE do. These aliens are here of their own volition and have created the circumstances surrounding them, so why are they suddenly our responsibility? Why do liberals deem it a necessity that we feed, house, clothe, and give medical attention to them? Liberals are asking our government, our leaders, and our people to ignore the starving, homeless, hapless millions of Americans living in alleyways, city parks, and wooded areas and give unwarranted services to foreigners who wish to overrun this nation and live off the government “dole”.

  5. Bill says:

    Well Mr. President you have told the whole world now that you are more than likely going to declare a National Emergency and begin building our much needed southern border wall, now what are you waiting for??! It truly is a National Emergency as thousands of immigrants are gathering at are border and more forming and coming up out of Honduras. How much longer do you expect to hold these thousands of immigrants out of our country as they are beginning to get more and more daring, hostile and violent? If you are still waiting on Chuck and Nancy to cave and give into you, you will be sadly mistaken and just wasting more valuable time from getting the wall built. You have the authority to build it go get it done and reopen the government so these poor people going without pay can put their lives back together before you make enemies out of all of them too. There is no longerany reason to keep the government shut down now. You can build the wall and keep every body happy except Chuckie and Nancy.. Getter done Mr. President don’t keep second guessing yourself any longer. The longer you wait and the more people you piss off and the more wining the people do the more chances is you will not get to build your wall. Do it now!!

  6. Sylvia says:

    While they are at it they should declare an emergency to find a cure for the democrats.
    I was once a registered democrat as was most of my family……………
    Now we flaunt a big R. Although I cannot say I am happy with many in the Republican party.
    I do have my favorites and Lindsay Graham (since the Kabanaugh fiasco) has joined that group with flying colors.

    1. krymson says:

      I am also a “convert”. I entered the military as a Democrat and emerged as a Republican.

  7. Robert says:

    The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED by any means necessary. PERIOD

  8. klazy50 says:

    The only way to deal with the Border Security is it is a must have and now done to give this country what the DEMS refuse to do. The entire DEMS are a bunch EVIL do not care about anything.There is not a one bit of Human Kindness in any of them. This is the situation to end them once and for all. They will have no one who wants to vote Democratic in the near future so our President will finally fix what the DEMS have broken for all past years. What ever platform the DEMS plan for the future will be a failure. We need to just let them die on the vine and it will happen.

  9. remuda says:

    The National Emergency is the gerrymandered takeover of the house. So he’ll do it and we’ll be able to relax for a few. That will get us back to the world stage issues that are directly tied to this “invasion”.

  10. Tracy says:

    Just use the cartels’ money that they recently arrested.

  11. Jim says:

    since the dems are clearly demonstrated against the protection of this republic, as a citizen of this republic, I give the green light to move forward building the security barrier or wall – do it with or without the dems involved – end of story

  12. Susan says:

    Here’s a brilliant suggestion I saw: Trump should announce that starting Monday, he will increase the budget demand by $1 BILLION every week until Democrats agree to the Wall.

    On Monday, it would go up to $6.7 BILLION. The following Monday it would hike to $7.7 BILLION. The Monday after that it would go to $8.7 BILLION.

  13. Ted says:

    IF the POUS does move to declare, he has to know he is assured of that being heard in an area court where an appeal will go to the 9th circuit. The result there is preordained. So next, is to the SCOTUS, which then will likely hear the case. That does improve his chances.
    Were I him?
    I would give up on Congress, pass on a declaration of emergency, then divert discretionary spending, that Congress can TRY to stop but they just get blocked by the Senate, problem solved.

    1. Dr. Patrick says:

      If the President determines a National Emergency exists, he should also declare Martial Law in an area five miles from the border into the United States. As I understand Martial Law, it supersedes the Constitution, Congress and Judicial System. There would be no authority for liberal Judges ruling against the President’s directions. FEMA would direct support activities and the military would be used as the enforcement arm, backing up the Border Patrol. There are other draconian measures which could be put in place which the President might or might not want to consider. Not a legal scholar but if the Constitution is superseded, it would seem to me that all illegals caught within the Martial Law area could be simply be returned to Mexico without any hearings. President should also think about closing the Border entry points to the United States or at least strictly controlling who comes and goes. President should also consider the suggestion by Ted Cruz to divert 14 billion dollars in seized assets from the Drug Cartel Leader directly into a fund to build the wall. He might also consider taking on the other Drug Cartels and seizing their assets as well. That way, Mexico pays for the construction of the wall and another promise is kept. If the President is serious about Border Security, then he needs to take off the gloves and go bare knuckles with the enemies of the United States, both external and internal.

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