The National Debt Is Down $100 Billion Under Trump

There were times in Barack Obama’s presidency where he would brag about having had lowered the deficit — which were hilarious examples of how to lie with statistics. “We’ve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters,” Obama told us in his 2016 State of the Union address, after citing a whole bunch of other economic statistics.

How could Obama, who nearly doubled the national debt to just south of $20 trillion, claim to have reduced the deficit? Simple — run an explosive deficit in the trillions during your first year in office, spend less in later years, then claim that as a decline.

The largest deficit that George W. Bush ran was a $454.8 billion deficit during his last year in office. Obama ran his largest deficit his first year in office, which amounted to $1.415 trillion. Obama reducing the deficit to $552 billion in 2016 is what he meant by “cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.”

Put another way, Obama’s smallest deficit during his presidency was still larger than Bush’s biggest.

Fortunately, under President Donald Trump, we’ll actually see deficit reduction, and not just a “reduction” from the largest single-year deficit in American history.

When President Trump took office January 20th the total national debt was $19,947,304,555,212, or nearly $20 trillion. While there are fluctuating cycles of increase and decrease the debt reached a high of $19,959,593,604,841 on February 28, 2017, stalled, and since March 14th 2017 continually dropped:

Total U.S. National Debt has now decreased by over $100 billion.  *Note: That’s five times more than is needed to build the Southern Security and Border Wall.

And yes, this decrease is real and represents a long term reversal. During same 6 months in 2016 the U.S. National Debt grew by $450 billion (from $18,941,406,899,252.15 -to- $19,391,704,027,667.12).   [DATA HERE] The Trump trend is not connected to a temporary lowering of debt during tax collection season.  The ACTUAL ‘federal’ debt clock is now running backwards.

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So far, so good. While there have been no major legislative achievements during the Trump presidency thus far, there has been a massive reduction in the nation’s regulatory burden, spurring business activity (and thus enlarging the tax base).

Trump’s 2018 budget plan would cut spending by $4.6 trillion over 10 years, representing a nine percent net reduction in the size of government spending over that period.

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