After Calling Trump Racist, Minority Voters Have Spoken!

Trump minorities

Since the start of this campaign, liberals have been viciously attacking President-elect Donald J. Trump, calling him a racist and a bigot.

Well, after Trump’s monumental upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton we now know what minority voters across the country really think of the newly-elected president.

According to CNN, Trump outperformed Mitt Romney among both black and Hispanic voters! If you listened to the liberal media, Trump was going to perform even worse than the 2012 Republican nominee!

In 2012, Romney won 7% of the black vote compared to Obama’s 93%, whereas Hillary only won 88% of the black vote compared to Trump’s 8%.

In addition, Obama beat Romney among Hispanics 71%-27%, compared to Hillary who only beat Trump 65%-29%. What’s more, the all important youth vote, which Democrats usually dominate, also showed Trump gaining ground compared to Romney. In 2012, Obama won 18-29 year old voters by a 60%-37% margin, whereas Hillary only earned 54% to Trump’s 37%.

While liberals will argue that not enough Hispanic, black, and young voters turned out for Clinton, in reality, Trump’s America first message resonated with millions of Americans, helping to explain why he outperformed Mitt Romney in nearly every category.

What’s more is that based on exit polling, more Americans were attracted to Trump’s message of change than Clinton’s strength when it comes to judgement or experience:

Four in 10 voters said they were hungry for change, and those voters overwhelmingly favored Republican Donald Trump. Smaller voting blocs who were seeking a candidate with good judgment, experience or who cared about them favored vanquished Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

Nearly 7 in 10 voters said they were unhappy with the way the government is working, including a quarter who said they were outright angry, according to preliminary results of exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research.

Are you surprised that President-elect Donald Trump outperformed Mitt Romney among key Democrat demographics? What are your hopes for Trump’s presidency? Share your thoughts below! 

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