Scene: A U.S. president who takes a hard line on illegal immigration. A roving band of illegal immigrants heading towards the border the U.S. shares with Mexico. A showdown brewing. It will be rule of law vs. lawlessness, chaos vs. order.

The illegal caravan that’s nearly 1,000 migrants strong is currently winding its way through Mexico. Made up of individuals from Central American countries, the wave of people is determined to reach the U.S. border and enter our country.

While Mexico has begun to crack down on the caravan, deporting hundreds of the migrants, it still continues unopposed.

Donald Trump was a showman before he was president. He understands optics and the importance of symbolism. He knows that this standoff will determine how his presidency is seen.

And that’s why he just ordered the U.S. military to the Mexico border to stop the caravan right in its tracks:

Trump even sent out a warning shot about the approaching caravan:

Sending the military to the border shows that Trump is serious about securing the border. Already, the President has said he might use military funding to build the wall, citing national security needs.

I’d say an approaching horde of would-be invaders is certainly a national-security threat.

What do you think? Is Trump right to send the military to the border? Tell us your thoughts below!

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