Last year there was a scandal in Broward County, FL, when their elections chief Brenda Snipes was caught destroying ballots to help rig local elections towards Democrats. Despite the three lawsuits that fraud sparked, Snipes is again the center of a voter fraud scandal, this time at the national stage. Yesterday Rick Scott, whose Senate victory could be contested as a result of Broward country’s inability to produce a vote tally, filed a lawsuit against Broward for their effort to “steal” the election through “rampant fraud.” And now, President Donald Trump is turning up the heat, threatening to get law enforcement involved in this “big corruption scandal.”

Marco Rubio flat-out accused Democrats of trying to steal the election.

Recount in Florida Senate and gubernatorial races

Because Scott’s win over his opponent Bill Nelson was less than a 0.5% margin of victory (without Broward’s votes), a recount is automatically triggered. Scott’s lead over his opponent is a mere 0.22%.

As already mentioned, Broward elections chief Brenda Snipes was sued (and lost that lawsuit) for destroying ballots last year, and concealing that for over two months.

If Snipes deliberately tampered with an election then, why not again now, with the stakes much higher? Snipes was confronted by a local news network in Florida on November 8th, and Snipes was completely unable to answer any questions about how their ballots haven’t been counted. She came across as combative and eventually walked away from reporters without answering their questions.

Additionally, Congressional candidate Tim Canova posted what he claims is video of ballots being transferred in a private automobile. This process violates “chain of custody requirements” when it comes to paper ballots:

Think something fishy is going on here? If there wasn’t, their ballots would’ve been counted already as they’ve been everywhere else across the entire country.

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