Trump Just Shut Down This CNN Reporter’s Ridiculous Question


While pundits are busy spending countless hours trying to analyze the success of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, his appeal can be demonstrated in a short 30-second video clip below.

The American people have had to deal with a dishonest media for many years. Yet while most candidates will entertain their gotcha questions and false reports, Trump simply swats them away like flies.

Such is the case of this CNN reporter who, in a sea of thousands of Trump supporters, tried to shine a spotlight on a handful of anti-life protesters.

Via Western Journalism:

When a CNN reporter questioned Donald Trump at an event in Norwood, Mass. on Friday night about the two dozen or so pro-abortion rights protesters who showed up, the candidate did not give her the time of day.

“I don’t see many protesters. I see thousands of people and there’s a few protesters,” Trump replied. “And I figured you’d ask that question, because you know, that’s the way it is. CNN is terrible,” which drew cheers and applause from the audience.

“You’re with CNN?” he confirmed. “You people do not cover us accurately at all. So they have a few protesters outside, and they have thousands of people, and the first question from CNN is about protesters.”

Trump then moved on to the next question, waving off the CNN reporter as not worth his time.

Watch Trump deftly deal with another member of the media below …

Comment: Could part of Trump’s success be due to the way he immediately dismisses dishonest people in the liberal media?

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