Trump Just Ended Obama’s 12-Year Streak As Most Admired Man

Trump Obama

President Trump put a halt to former president Barack Obama’s 12-year reign as the most admired man in America, according to a Gallup survey.

“Trump tied former President Barack Obama for the honor last year but edged out his predecessor this year,” Gallup reports.

They add, “Trump’s first-place finish ends a 12-year run as most admired man for Obama, tied with Dwight Eisenhower for the most ever.”

Respondents are asked to name the man and woman they most admire, without prompting them with actual choices. Hence the low percentages.

Eighteen percent of Americans named Trump, followed by 15 percent who chose Obama as the most admired man.

Rounding out the top 5 were President-elect Joe Biden (6%), Dr. Anthony Fauci (3%), and Pope Francis (2%).

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Trump, Not Obama, Is Most Admired Man

President Trump toppling Obama as the most admired man in the world happened mainly on the strength of his sway with Republicans.

“Even though Trump is … unpopular now – 39% approve of his performance – his dominant performance among Republicans, contrasted with Democrats splitting their choices among multiple public figures, pushes him to the top of the 2020 most admired man list.”

Forty-eight percent of Republicans named Trump this year.

Obama was the top choice amongst Democrats, at 32%, down 9 points from last year, while Biden only grabbed 13 percent of the Democrat share.

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Melania Comes in a Distant Third Amongst Women

It’s difficult to ascertain just what a poll like this means.

As Gallup explains, “when the sitting president is not the top choice, it is usually because he is unpopular politically” which was the case in 2017 and 2018 when Obama still reigned supreme.

But President Trump is no more popular politically than he was those other years or in 2019 when he tied Obama.

Perhaps it’s because – despite slanted media coverage against him, and polls which have clearly been inaccurate over the past four years – when it comes to the American people simply naming a person they admire off the top of their head, Trump remains quite popular.

We predicted last year that Trump would take the top spot in 2020, in part because he was effectively dismantling Obama’s legacy piece by piece.

It wasn’t all good news for the Trump family in the Gallup survey, however.

Melania Trump – perpetually ignored and shamed in the media for the sin of being married to the President – came in third place behind Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama received 10 percent of the vote, with Harris behind at 6 percent, and Mrs. Trump at 4 percent.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made her first appearance in the top 10, tying for fifth place alongside Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Queen Elizabeth II.

President Trump may brag about forcing Obama out of the top spot as the most admired man in America, for no other reason than to drive liberals apoplectic.

Then again, he knows the work he does on behalf of America is more important than any popularity contest.