President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama tied in a new Gallup poll which asked respondents which man they admire most in the world.

Both men saw 18 percent of respondents choose them as the man they admired.

“In 2019’s poll, conducted from December 2 to 15, 18% of respondents named Trump as the man they admired the most with an additional 18% naming Obama,” Business Insider reports. “No other man was named as most admired by more than 2% of respondents.”

Obama had previously held the top spot on his own for the past 11 years and continues the streak based on this statistical tie.

The survey marks President Trump’s first year in the top spot and represents a 5 percent increase from 2018.

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Michelle Obama Wins Again

On the ladies’ side, former First Lady Michelle Obama bested her successor, Melania Trump, with Mrs. Obama receiving 10 percent of the vote and Mrs. Trump getting 5 percent.

It’s the second year in a row Obama took home the title after Hillary Clinton had won the distinction in 22 of the previous 25 years.

Clinton even won in 2017, a year after being humiliated for the second time in a bid for the White House.

How that managed to happen for a woman universally despised by every political spectrum is anybody’s guess. Of course, if anybody knows just how sketchy poll results can be, it’d be the woman who was certain to win in 2016 according to the polls.

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Bragging Rights

President Trump may brag about forcing Obama to make room at the top as the most admired man in America, for no other reason than to drive liberals apoplectic.

Then again, he knows the work he does on behalf of America is more important than any popularity contest.

In fact, he indicates that striving to gain popularity and the acceptance of our enemies, rather than doing what is best for America, is bad policy.


That said, the President’s approval rating hit a record high during the Democrat’s impeachment fiasco, and his approval ratings on the economy have been consistently high.

Not to mention, one has to admire the man who completely dismantled Obama’s legacy – from the Paris Climate Accord to the Iran nuclear agreement, reversing pro-illegal immigration executive orders, rescinding countless government regulations, repealing the Obamacare individual mandate, and on and on.

If things keep going this way, President Trump will be alone at the top of this list next year.

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