BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Releases Full Email Chain With Rod Goldstone

Donald Trump Jr., has been in the hot seat for the past 24 hours over his alleged meeting to discuss Russia’s sabotaging of the Hillary campaign with a Russian lawyer.

The New York Times broke the story, alleging that the younger Trump met with a Kremlin-aligned lawyer for the purposes of getting dirt on Hillary. Not only that, but Don Jr., knew that potentially damaging material about Clinton would be shared.

Well, it appears that speculation was just that: speculation. Donald Trump Jr., just released the goods on Twitter. He posted the full transcripts of his email exchange setting up the meeting:

Numerous lawmakers have requested that Don Jr., testify before Congress about this meeting, and the younger Trump has agreed to do so.

But if that happens, it looks like nothing controversial or illegal will be uncovered. The media will have been led, once again, on another worthless witch hunt. And the entire country will be worse off because of it.

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UPDATE – The second tweet from Donald Trump Jr., does contain information about the Hillary campaign and possibly damaging information related to it. This revelation will surely be used by the liberal media to continue to smear Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. will be on Hannity tonight to clarify the emails:

UPDATE 2 – It turns out Donald Trump Jr., scooped a New York Times reporter who wanted to release the emails himself.

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