Trump Hints He’ll Violate Gag Order: ‘I Am Willing To Go To Jail’ To Save America

Donald Trump indicated he might be willing to tempt fate by violating a gag order recently implemented by an Obama-appointed judge, and declared he's "willing to go to jail" to save the country.
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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has indicated that he might be willing to tempt fate by violating a gag order recently implemented by an Obama-appointed judge, declaring that he’s “willing to go to jail” to save the country.

Trump’s comments came during a campaign speech in Clive, Iowa on Monday.

This comes in response to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan’s ruling to implement a partial gag order on Trump in his “election interference” case. Judges can threaten gag order violators with fines or jail time, and Chutkan hinted at possible “sanctions” should there be any transgressions.

“A judge gave a gag order, a judge (that) doesn’t like me too much,” Trump told a crowd of supporters. “Her whole life is not liking me, but she gave a gag order. You know what a gag order is? You can’t speak badly about your opponent.”

He insinuated the gag order, along with the malicious prosecutions in four separate cases, are “weaponry” done on behalf of Joe Biden against the President’s political adversaries.

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Trump Says He’s Willing To Go To Jail

Trump, immediately after mentioning the gag order, seemed to indicate that he’d be willing to violate the terms and do whatever it takes to preserve this great nation of ours.

“But what they don’t understand is that I am willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and become a democracy again,” he said.

In a fundraising email, Trump’s campaign called the gag order an attempt to “silence” President Biden’s leading political opponent, adding that it is marked evidence that America has “become a Third World Marxist Dictatorship.”

The message also indicated Trump “will NEVER SURRENDER our country to tyranny as the Deep State thugs try to JAIL me for life as an innocent man.”

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Trump: ‘Do Not Despair’

Over the summer, the former President released a video calling on his supporters to not lose hope and vowing that come Election Day, “Our vindication will come.”

The video served as a rallying cry for Trump’s supporters, urging them to keep the faith even as he becomes the relentless target of persecution by his political opponents.

“The rule of law is being destroyed and the justice system is being wielded as a weapon against Joe Biden’s political opponents, me primarily,” he said, urging his followers to “not despair, and do not lose hope.”

Trump is currently facing four separate indictments with charges totaling 91 felony counts.

“Every injustice they throw at us, every hoax witch hunt and abuse of power must only harden our will and steel to resolve to save our nation,” he stated.

Even if that means facing jail time.

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