America has seen its share of ignorance and stupidity. We’ve watched how the non-thinkers handle the reality of the world around them… with their protests that don’t make sense, or attacks on Trump supporters.

We’ve even watched college professors step up their attacks on conservatism, promoting hatred and violence. And sadly, we’ve seen even worse.

Back in February, Fresno State Professor Lars Maischak tweeted that President Trump “must hang.” Really. Taxpayers pay money for this “professor” to teach kids that the President must die.

Not only does the liberal media ignore these outrageous betrayals of the public trust, but the school hasn’t done anything either.

And now he’s doubling down on his stupidity.

Source: Daily Caller

The Fresno State professor who tweeted “Trump must hang” has doubled down on his comments, saying Trump’s death is a “logical necessity.”

“I can assure you that I do not condone or advocate for murder or violence, and that I do not intend to commit any act, or acts, of murder or violence,” said Professor Lars Maischak, in a statement emailed to KSEE24/CBS4. “From the context of the entirety of my tweets, this should be evident to anyone reading them in good faith (as opposed to malicious intent).”

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better,” Maischak previously said on Twitter. “Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?”

“At the moment, based on my conviction that a majority of Americans are committed to democracy, it therefore follows that ‘Trump must hang’ (the partial text of one of my most-quoted tweets),” explained Maischak, “with the word ‘must’ expressing a logical necessity, rather than a demand or wish.”

I understand the First Amendment and what freedoms everyone should have, but this isn’t about that. This guy is free to say whatever he wants.

But taxpayers should also be free from paying for this guy’s salary.

Trump has been trying to protect this country from the beginning and that’s what his plan is, even if the liberals can’t understand that. There has to be a way we can reach out to one another without compromising our principles, instead of treating each other like enemies, or monsters.

But in the case of Lars, I want him locked up so he doesn’t hurt himself. That’s how much I care for him.

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