The liberal media’s double standard when it comes to their treatment of former President Barack Obama and President Donald J. Trump has been on full display in recent weeks. For 8 years, the left gave Obama a pass on a myriad of issues, providing an excuse for any scandal or controversy facing his administration.

While other Republican politicians would allow the media to treat them like a punching bag, Trump won’t. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is standing up for President Trump over criticism for his love of golf.

During Monday’s press briefing, a Yahoo White House correspondent attempted to grill Spicer over the lack of information regarding the president’s golf outings in recent weeks. The liberal reporter asked Spicer whether or not criticism of the president’s frequency of playing golf was justifiable given that President Trump chastised Obama for hitting the links on a regular basis while in the White House.

Instead of simply accepting the liberal premise of the question, Spicer fired back, arguing that the president uses golf as an opportunity to build relationships with world leaders. In other words, when he’s meeting with leaders, he’s working. Unlike Obama, who golfed with celebrities.

From Fox News Insider:

“How you use the game of golf is something that he’s talked about,” said Spicer.  He added that just because Trump is at one of his golf courses doesn’t mean he’s actually playing a round.

Spicer said reporters have jumped to conclusions and falsely assumed in some instances that the president was golfing. The reporter followed up by asking why the details of “productive meetings” on the golf course are not being shared with the media.  “The president is entitled to a bit of privacy at some point,” Spicer responded.

Check out the video of Spicer’s battle with the liberal reporter below:

While President Trump views golf as an opportunity to reach out to world leaders, President Obama saw the game as simply a social opportunity, rarely ever inviting members of the Republican Party to join him on the course. Instead, Obama frequently played with Vice President Joe Biden, NBA star Alonzo Mourning, and other White house aides.

This liberal reporter tried to stump Spicer with a gotcha question, but the White House Press Secretary had none of it. What a refreshing change from the usual wimpy Republican politicians!

Do you agree with Spicer’s assessment about the president’s golf game? Share your thoughts below! 

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