Watch: Screaming Liberal Can’t Handle Trump’s Electoral College Win

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Unhinged. Maniacal. Deranged. Psychotic.

How else to describe the woman in the following video clip, other than to wrap up all of those words into one term that conveys every one of those adjectives – Liberal.

As members of Wisconsin’s electoral college delegation met to certify the 2016 election results in favor of Donald Trump, one woman lost control and began screaming at those doing their Constitutional duty.

“You Don’t Deserve To Be In America!” she shouted at one point.

“This is my America!” she railed at another.

Via Downtrend:

It’s almost sad to see liberal melt downs. They’re obviously in pain, but it’s so misguided and embedded in lies. When Wisconsin electors voted 100 percent for Trump, it wasn’t without a bit of drama–in the form of a protester exhibiting a temper tantrum.

This woman conveys the extreme methods the left feels they have to resort to in order to get their point across. But, they don’t understand when they keep using the same tired tactics–the rest of us start to laugh and zone them out.

To call this woman childish would be an understatement. Take a look below to see her temper tantrum.

Geez, between the melodramatic declarations (“Take me out if you must!”), and chants of ‘Shame,’ it was hard to tell if this was an electoral college vote or an episode of Game of Thrones.

Here’s another angle of Looney Tunes for your viewing pleasure …

Unfortunately for you, snowflake, this is everyone’s America. And the American voters – through a legal and just system set up by our founding fathers – chose the honorable Donald J. Trump as their next President.

Not some lone voter in Wisconsin who probably has more cats than human friends to interact with once she gets released from custody.

Comment: Do you expect to see more of these unhinged temper tantrums over the next four years? Share your thoughts with us below.

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