Just Hours Before Election, Trump Pulled Off Electoral Miracle!

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Early voting numbers are rolling in, and the Sunshine State is shining brightly for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Drudge Report has attained numbers that show Trump is outperforming 2012 candidate Mitt Romney by over 130,000 votes.

That is a significant difference which seems to be indicative of the level of excitement surrounding Trump’s candidacy, as opposed to the lukewarm reception conservatives had for Romney.

Via Drudge:

Data obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT shows presidential underdog Donald Trump outperforming Republican 2012 election results in Florida.

Mitt Romney went into Election Day down 161,000 in absentee ballots and early voting. He ended up losing the state by 74,000.

This time, in a dramatic surprise twist, Trump is only down 32,500! And Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day in Florida.

A GOP release also bears out these numbers, showing a decline in votes for Democrats and an uptick for Republican voters.

  • Republicans now make up 2% more of the early vote share than at this point in 2012, while Democrats make up 4.5% less of the early vote share.
  • Although Republicans are now trailing in total ballots cast today we are trailing by 130,000 less than we did going into the final Sunday in 2012, continuing a trend we’re seeing of Republican improvement in total absentee and early voting turnout compared to four years ago.
  • This continues to be a very promising sign, as it erases the margin that Romney narrowly lost the state by in 2012.

Further, a very late Trafalgar Group poll shows Trump inching within 50% in Florida.


Those numbers actually have Trump ahead by a larger margin than the margin of error in this poll, which rests at 2.89%.

If Florida is any indication of how the rest of the nation has voted early, or will vote on Election Day, then perhaps we now know why Hillary cancelled her victory celebration.


Comment: How do you think the vote will go on Election Day? Will Trump win Florida? Will he win overall? Share your thoughts with us below.

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